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Evil Kitty Media Studio

There is a state of the art operational recording studio in Wallingford, CT. I visited them at their studio they are very professional and they scored the video for the Today Tonight Show for my TV Production Class the link will be posted soon. http://ekm-studio.com/

Witching Hour at the Witch’s Dungeon

So recently I visited the Witch’s Dungeon the Classic Movie Museum at the Bristol Historical Society. It was a very awesome experience. They have great popcorn as well as having many various figures and recreations of iconic characters from many different movie productions such as The Mole People, Dracula, Beauty and the Beast, ET, The… Read More

Great Inventions

These items are wonderful and brilliantly designed items and inventions. A Smart Bag I have found this bag from Indiegogo its supposedly really great it has many batteries you can also control which battery you can charge and also it alerts you if you leave your bag or someone takes it and is running away… Read More

The Epic Rewards

Have you ever wanted to earn money by just plain old searching or recommending items from a web shop to people or do a review and then earn revenue by people going to the site and buying or registering. Recently I have discovered a few ways to make this happen which are awesome. Please click… Read More