Category: Minecraft Stories

Is about adventures into minecraft with some pictures and other fun stuff.

A Brand New Developing World

I am The Architect and The Scientist. I am trying to make a new minecraft world in which I am pulling strands from the abyss of the aether in order to make a world that might be able to stand the test of time. As I try to figure out how to make a new… Read More

The Great Rift

A few years after I joined the gods of the EcoCityCraft multiverse had a big fight. Thus a group of them splintered off and formed another multiverse called Excelsion which unfortunately no longer exists. I did have a great time in this multiverse I decided to create these stories however in the confusion and the… Read More

The New Beginning

An adventure into these new worlds with friends of old and new. The old world around me swirls into blocks forming a path into a void. This is how the old world dies. A new one took its place the world of EcoCityCraft filled with only a few people at first and slowly more people… Read More