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Bunko’s Bargain Basement

Source “Yessir, step right up, ladies and gentlemen! Cedric P. Bunko, at your service…and welcome to Bunko’s Bargain Basement! The old storefront was getting a little rickety, but we’re still open for business! “What, you may ask, is a Bunko’s Bargain Basement? Why, only the finest clearinghouse for magical bargains in seventeen dimensions! “You see,… Read More

Fill that Slot

Source Do you feel that something is missing in your life, but you can’t quite figure out what it is? This post is all about filling that need, that desire that we all have. There’s no shame in it, folks! We all, from time to time, have an empty slot that we can’t seem to… Read More

Lists of Necessary Magic Items

Source Frequently when building characters, you find that there are some things that are more or less “essential” for your character to survive after the first few levels. And worse, you sometimes find that your class doesn’t grant them. Which means you have to rely on magic items to make sure your character doesn’t end… Read More

Complete MacGyver

Source An Excel Spreadsheet for List of Items, Animals, Goods and Potions Items: Fill that slot Lists of Necessary Magic Items Bunko’s Bargain Basement Bunko’s Reopened Adept Item Creation (what’s available in town) Poisoner’s Handbook Alchemical Items that are ‘worth it’ ?Pink? Elephants (Items that suck) Short Sorcerer EQ list The Bargain Bin Item Crafter… Read More

Broken for Indie Game of the Year

Please play and vote for the Game Broken it was nominated by IndieDB for game of the year 2016! Broken features a Metroidvania game in a new and oddly fascinating game setting. The Creator, Mike Stango @GDI_Games used StencyWorks 3 which will allow for rich 2D graphics, impressive physics and an increased production speed.

A Brand New Developing World

I am The Architect and The Scientist. I am trying to make a new minecraft world in which I am pulling strands from the abyss of the aether in order to make a world that might be able to stand the test of time. As I try to figure out how to make a new… Read More

The Great Rift

A few years after I joined the gods of the EcoCityCraft multiverse had a big fight. Thus a group of them splintered off and formed another multiverse called Excelsion which unfortunately no longer exists. I did have a great time in this multiverse I decided to create these stories however in the confusion and the… Read More

The New Beginning

An adventure into these new worlds with friends of old and new. The old world around me swirls into blocks forming a path into a void. This is how the old world dies. A new one took its place the world of EcoCityCraft filled with only a few people at first and slowly more people… Read More

Master Asian Man Time Warp on SoundCloud

Its about time that the Master Asian Man Time Warp is being broadcasted via SoundCloud here is the original song in all its glory and the instrumental and the vocals. Once again I cannot have done this without EKM Studios thanks to all that assisted me in making the music video. Master Asian Man Time… Read More

Master Asian Man Time Warp

Youtube Vimeo Music Video using Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects CC and Assistance from some of the MxCC students and also Assistance from EKM Studio.