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Best Item Price

Price 1-10gp

Best Items

Sling(0 gp, 0 lbs)(PHB 128)
Free way to let your fighter participate in ranged combat, Sling adds strength to damage. If using random stones deals 1d3 @ -1 to attack @ 50′ range

Flour(0.02 gp, 1 lbs)(Arms & Equipment Guide 31)
Invisibility distrupter, food generator, breeze finder, Spray-on-ghost

Flour Pouch(0.1 gp, 0.1 lbs)(Dungeonscape p. 32)
Thrown as splash weapon, 5′ burst. Locates invisible creatures, reduces their concealment to 20%, and reduces their hide bonus. To completely negate concealment, see Torch Bug Paste (25 GP, Complete Scoundrel).

String(50′)(0.1 gp, 0 lbs)(My head)
When twine is too heavy. Also good for bell traps

Candle, Insectbane(0.1 gp, 0 lbs)(Arms & Equipment Guide p. 21) Craft(Alchemy) DC 10
Keeps nonmonstrous vermin away, 5′ radius, burns for 1 hour. Vermin Ointment (Secrets of Xendrik p. 139, included below) does the same thing and costs 20 GP, but it also affects monstrous vermin if they fail a Fortitude save DC 15. If you’re surrounded by inexhaustible number of insect swarms, 10 hours should be long enough to allow all your spellcasters to rest and regain spells.

Marbles(0.2 gp, 2 lbs)(Arms & Equipment Guide p. 24)
These are deployed much like caltrops, so it takes a standard action to spread. Basically a 5′ x 5′ square of non-magical grease. Dump them under an opponent without 5 ranks of Balance to deny his Dex bonus and make the party rogue happy.

Utility bracers(1 gp, 2 lbs)(d20, Pale Designs: A Poisoner’s Handbook)
Pick 1 for each arm: garrote, hidden 1sp,spring blade(dagger)4gp,spring blade(dart) 4gp,launcher, needle 7gp, quick-draw sheath(dagger) 3gp, lock picks, hidden 15gp, vial sheaths(3) 1gp

Spear(.66 gp, 6 lbs)(PBG)
10′ Reach gives you a free attack, and deals double damage vs. chargers. While Sleep can render them unconscious, be useful by doing a CDG (save-or-die Fort DC=10+damage dealt) 1d8, 20/x3 simple weapon. Average crit damage = 13.5 => Fort DC 23 or die

Vial(1 gp, 0 lbs)(PHB 128)
Just killed a poisonous Spider, use that venom on another monster

Bell(1 gp, 0 lbs)(PHB 128)15
Good for string and bell trap while practically free. The wizard has to cast a spell, you use your brain.

Dagger(2 gp, 1 lbs)(PHB 128) Craft(Weaponsmithing) DC 12
Ranged/melee 1-handed weapon(usable once swallowed), Rough drill,Hammer with hilt, Heat and cauterize wounds, Pry bar, signal, + stick = makeshift spear, carving messages, oral hygine toothpick,

Inside Pocket(4 gp, 0 lbs)(Complete Scoundrel)
This is simply an extra pocket sewn on the inside of a piece of clothing. A character with ranksin sleight of hand can substitute his sleight of hand check result with his normal search DC when concealing items in the inside pocket. He gains a +5 bonus on such checks. The maximum size of the space contained is 2 sizes smaller than the article of clothing. medium clothing can hold 2 pockets each for a tiny object. Double cost=+5 search DC, can be done up to 2x.

Bayonet sword(Crossbow addon)(4 gp, 2 lbs)(Complete Scoundrel) Craft(Weaponsmithing) DC 12
As spear = 1d8 @ -2 to attack, separate magic.

Sleep-Smoke(self crafted)(4.16 gp, 0 lbs)(Waterdeep, City of Splendors) Craft(Poisonmaking) DC 15
DC 14 fort, unconcious for a minute/unconcious for 1d3 minutes

Scroll Organizer(5 gp, 0.5 lbs)(Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting p. 97)
Wizard must hold organizer! He can now have 15 more utility spells so he can free up other spells which don’t cost money casting. Before you can afford a haversack being able to call on 15 scrolls is powerful, knowing you can hold as many spells on a scroll as you wish(SRD for scroll See physical description), so this may be moot. This long strip of leather has an overlapping series of fifteen pockets sewn along one side, each large enough to hold a scroll of a single spell. When slipped into a pocket, only the top of the scroll shows, allowing you to scan the scrolls’ title.

Longspear(5 gp, 9 lbs)(PHB 128) Craft(Weaponsmithing) DC 12
1d8, reach, set off traps. One of the few simple weapons with reach. Hello, Free Attack of Opportunity

Mule(8 gp, 0 lbs)(PHB 128)
22 hp, 30′ speed, low light vision, scent, Listen +6, Spot +6, light load 0-230 pounds;a medium load, 231–460 pounds; heavy, 461–690

Rope, Hemp(1 gp, 10 lbs)(PHB 128)
Silk rope, while under 10 gp, is still quite expensive. Consider getting silk If you’re over weight

Dastana(self crafted)(8.3 gp, 4 lbs)(A&EG) Craft(Armorsmithing) DC 11
+1 AC ontop of shield and armor, but heavy. Anyone with a Craft(armorsmithing) bonus of 1 can make this @ 1/3 price by taking 10

Heavy Sickle(self crafted)(4 gp, 6 lbs)(PlanarHB 69)
1d8 1-handed simple melee weapon. Look awesome. Anyone with a +2 Craft(Weapon smithing) can take 10 to craft simple weapons.

Eggshell Grenade, Dust(10 gp, 0 lbs)(Oriental Adventures p. 78) Craft(Alchemy) DC 20
Thrown as a grenade-like weapon, so make a ranged touch attack with a range increment of 5′. A dust grenade that hits its target directly BLINDS!!! the target for 1d4 rounds *NO SAVE*. Anyone else within the 5′ radius splash must make a Fort save DC 10 or be blinded for 1 round. This is an amazingly effective weapon that works on a wide variety of opponents, but don’t overuse this one or your DM will come down on you with a banhammer like a ton of bricks.

Fish Hook(0.1 gp, 0 lbs)(A&EG)
Practically free, weightless, one of the best survival items out there, and it can be well hidden so you can use it when you’re put in jail.

OK Items

Crossbow(Self crafted)(11.7 gp, 4 lbs)() Craft(Weaponsmithing) DC 15
1d8, decent range. Stick a Bayonet Sword(1d8@-2 attack) on it and threaten melee.

Flint & Steel(1 gp, 0 lbs)(PHB)
If your sparker burns out and your magnifying glass won’t work, best to have this as a fallback. antimagic feilds have a hard time with these too

Sack(0.1 gp, 0.5 lbs)(PHB)
Loot redistribution device.

Backpack(2 gp, 2 lbs)(PHB 128)
Ya know, to go to school.

Bedroll(0.1 gp, 5 lbs)(PHB 128)
Can you think of some creative uses for your sleeping bag outside of sleeping, that wouldn’t make that night’s sleep squishy?

Bolts(20)(2 gp, 2 lbs)(PHB)
You need these for the crossbow

Tent (one person)(5 gp, 10 lbs)(A&EG 26)
Lighter than a 4 man tent, see hamock

Non-Essential Steals

Hearthfire(10 gp, 2 lbs)(Races of Stone p. 160) Craft(Alchemy) DC 20
This is Jello… that glows like a torch. I’m sorry, but that’s just too cool not to include. While the dowdy ol’ torch may still be the most economical light source at only 1 CP apiece, they’re very bulky (each torch weighs a pound). Two pounds of Hearthfire includes 12 cubes, and each cube lasts 24 hours. While an equivalent number of torches would only cost 2.88 GP, they would weigh 288 pounds. Hearthfire doesn’t produce any heat and thus can’t be used to light anything on fire or as an improvised weapon, but… Glowing Jello!

Grapling hook, colapsable(3 gp, 2 lbs)(Arms & Equipment Guide 22)
If weight is a concern get this, otherwise get the normal one if money is a concern

Targath on arrows, 1 arrow(3 gp, 0.1 lbs)(Ebberon CS)
arrow gives you a +2 resistance bonus to fort saves against disease for a measely three gp.

Expandable Pole(5 gp, 1 lbs)(Song & Silence p. 53)
Every adventurer needs the obligatory 10′ pole, but this one “goes to 11”. It can be adjusted to 5′, 7′, 9′, or 11′ lengths, or collapsed down to 1′. Another version, called a Mobile Brace, can be found in Races of Faerun, which has more detailed rules on how much weight it can support and for using it to secure a rope for climbing, but it weights 3 lbs. Dungeonscape has a similar “Collapsable Pole” that goes out to 12′, but it weighs 8 lbs. I chose this version to conserve weight.

Silent Shoes(10 gp, 1 lbs)(Arms & Equipment Guide 22)
+1 move silently. Low level sealthing

Smuggler’s boots(10 gp, 1 lbs)(Arms & Equipment Guide 22)
holds dagger/map in the sole of each boot, with 2 fine items/boot (potion perhaps)

Magnet, small(10 gp, 1 lbs)(Arms & Equipment Guide)
Does the same thing as a magnet, but cheaper and smaller

Couatl Feather(10 gp, 0 lbs)(Book of Exalted Deeds)
+35% to increase Caster lvl +2

Forger’s Paper(10 gp, 0 lbs)(Complete Scoundrel p. 110) Craft(Alchemy) DC 20
+2 alchemical bonus on Forgery checks, so it stacks with a Forgery Kit (see below). In many ways, Forgery is more powerful than Bluff, Diplomacy, Disguise,…It’s resisted by Forgery, a skill no one ever takes. Stacks with a forgery kit.

Blessed Bandage(10 gp, 0 lbs)(Magic Item Compendium p. 152)
Immediately stabilize a dying creature. While there are dozens of ways to stabilize or heal someone below 0 HPs, the main advantage of this item is it can be used untrained without a Heal check, so it can be applied by an unseen servant, wood wose, etc.

Hearthfire Lantern(7 gp, 2 lbs)(Races of Stone p. 161)
Needed to carry hearthfire, but is otherwise identical to a normal hooded lantern.

Potion Belt(1 gp, 1 lbs)(Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting p. 97)
This sturdy leather belt similar to a bandoleer has pockets shaped to hold potion vials and is fitted with ties or flaps tokep the potions from falling out. It holds six potions. Retrieving a potion from a potion belt is a free action once per round.


Battle field Control:
-Marbles for proning and enabling Sneak Attack
-Longspear(5×5 region of attack of opportunity)
-Eggshell Grenade = blind
-Sleep-Smoke = unconscious

-Sling for fighter 1d4+strength
-Longspear @1d8 with reach
-Heavy Sickle @1d8
-Crossbow @1d8 with Bayonet Sword(-2 attack and 1d8 damage)

Price 10-100gp

Best Items

Alchemical Flare Stake(15 gp, 0.1 lbs)(Expedition to Castle Ravenloft p. 208)Craft(Alchemy)20
One-shot item, treated as a dagger, does 1d6 fire damage against corporeal undead. It also lodges into the undead’s body and does an additional 1d6 fire damage every round (the undead creature, assuming it isn’t mindless, can remove all stakes with a standard action). There’s no duration listed, so it apparently continues to burn until the creature is dead or the stake is removed. There are also alchemical flare bolts for the same price, but they don’t do additional damage on subsequent rounds. Although the description says treat the stakes like daggers for proficiency purposes, I’m not clear on whether they can be thrown Buffy-style like daggers… but it would be pure awesomesauce if they could.

Aboleth Mucus(20 gp, 1 lbs)(Savage Species p. 46)
This is one of the cheapest and deadliest poisons in the game, although not actually a poison so there are no rules to check and see if you accidentally poison yourself. Thrown as a grenade-like weapon, so it can hit one creature with a ranged touch attack (no splash effect). If the creature fails a Fort save DC 19, it loses the ability to breathe air for 3 hours. A creature can hold it’s breath for a number of rounds equal to twice its Constitution score. The creature essentially has that many rounds to find someone who can cast water breathing or air breathing. Delay poison and neutralize poison won’t help (it’s not a poison), dispel magic won’t help (it’s non-magical), deep breath (Spell Compendium) won’t work (it fills your lungs with air, but you can’t breathe air), sticking your head in a bucket of water won’t help (the mucus does not confer the ability to breathe water), and there may be a good argument that a heal spell won’t work, either (unable to breathe is not one of the conditions listed in the spell description). Once the creature fails a Con check, the creature starts to suffocate and falls unconscious, and two rounds after that it dies. So while it may take a little longer than poison (2-3 minutes), getting hit with this stuff is pretty much a death sentence for most creatures.

Liquid Sunlight(20 gp, 0 lbs)(Complete Scoundrel p110)Craft(Alchemy)30
On impact, the liquid continues to give off light like a torch for 1 round. A struck creature who is light sensitive becomes Dazzled for 1 round. A creature that is actually harmed by sunlight, such as a Vampire, takes 1d6 damage.

Hollow Boot Heel(20 gp, 0 lbs)(Complete Scoundral)
A hollow boot heel unscrews like a jar lid to reveal the hidden compartment. The maximum size of the space contained in the heel is 4 sizes smaller than the boot. Price

Torch Bug Paste(25 gp, 0 lbs)(Complete Scoundrel p. 120)
Thrown as a splash weapon, non-magical faerie fire effect, which pinpoints invisible creatures and completely negates concealment.

Ironhorn Extract(25 gp, 0 lbs)(Sandstorm)Craft(Alchemy)20
+1 Armor bonus for 1 week…..stacks with regular armor

Dastana(25 gp, 4 lbs)(Arms & Equipment Guide 15)Craft(Armorsmithing)11
+1 AC ontop of shield and armor, but heavy. Anyone with a Craft(armorsmithing) bonus of 7 can make this @ 1/3 price

Sleep-Smoke(25 gp, 0 lbs)(Waterdeep, City of Splendors)Craft(Poisonmaking)15
DC 14 fort, unconcious for a minute/unconcious for 1d3 minutes

Scroll 1st lvl spell(25 gp, 0 lbs)(DMG 237)
Power word pain, color spray, entangle, weildskill, lesser restoration,Lay of the Land(rngr1)

Acidic Fire(30 gp, 1 lbs)(Eberron Campaign Setting p. 120)Craft(Alchemy)25
What’s better than burning things with acid? Burning things with flaming acid! Rather than carry separate flasks of Acid and Alchemist’s Fire, it saves space to combine them into the same bottle. Although combining the two substances drops the damage die to 1d4, if you hit a creature that is still vulnerable to both acid and fire (I’m looking at you, Mr. Troll), you actually come out slightly ahead on the average damage (7.5 damage for Acidic Fire, 7 damage for Alchemist’s Fire, and 3.5 damage for just plain ol’ acid). The 2 points of splash damage isn’t too shabby, either. Give a sack full of 19 flasks of Acidic Fire to an unseen servant and it can drop it in a square for 38 splash damage, no save.

Chain Shirt(Self crafted)(33.3 gp, 25 lbs)(PHB)Craft(Armorsmithing)14

Stun Gas(40 gp, 0 lbs)(Arms & Equipment Guide)Craft(Poisonmakng)15

Forgery Kit(40 gp, 5 lbs)(Complete Adventurer p. 122)
+2 circumstance bonus on Forgery checks. This kit includes a variety of inks, papers, pens, and seals. Unfortunately, there was a price and weight increase from where it was first printed in the Arms & Equipment Guide, and any mention of waxes, guides and

Poison ring(45 gp, 0 lbs)(DR316 p46)Craft(Weaponsmithing)15
holds poison, touch attack. Drow Poison(fort DC 13/unconcious) is 12.5 gp crafted

Alchemical Sun Flash(50 gp, 1 lbs)(Expedition to Castle Ravenloft p. 208)Craft(Alchemy)25
Works just like alchemist’s fire, but also explodes with a burst of daylight that dazzles creatures that are light sensitive, no save. Vampires are also staggered for one round, no save.

Tanglefoot Bag(50 gp, 4 lbs)(PHB)Craft(Alchemy)25
Ranged touch attack that entangles (-2 attack penalty, -4 Dex penalty, restricts movement), a chance to immobilize, and makes life difficult for flying creatures. Check with your DM if the Dex penalty from multiple sources stack (net, lasso, etc.). Add with Silent Spell to really screw up an enemy caster

Darkeye(50 gp, 0 lbs)(Sharn, City of towers)Craft(Alchemy )25

Lamellar(self crafted)(50 gp, 35 lbs)(Races of the Wild, Arms and Equipment Guide)Craft(Armorsmithing)15
5AC, max dex=+3, medium armor

Roach paste(50 gp, 0 lbs)(DoTU)Craft(Poisonmaking)12

Dragonbreath arrows(50 gp, 0 lbs)(Races of the Wild 164)Craft(Weaponsmithing)15
+1 fire damage, reflex DC 15 or catch fire(1d6/round on fire)

Masterwork Tools(50 gp, lbs)(PHB)
These are frequently overlooked, and they shouldn’t be. Buy a book to aid you in a Knowledge skill, or a snappy outfit to aid your Diplomacy check.

Feather Fall Talisman(50 gp, 0 lbs)(Sharn City of Towers p. 170)
One-shot item, activate feather fall as a free action. While there are a variety of similar items to prevent falling damage, this is the cheapest.

Potion Belt, Masterworked(60 gp, 1 lbs)(Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting p. 97)Craft(Leathermaking)
This extremly well-made potion belt holds ten potions. Retrieving a potion from a potion belt is a free action once per round.

Chahar-aina(75 gp, 10 lbs)(OA 76)Craft(Armorsmithing)11
Like Dastanas, it’s free AC+1

Noxious Smokestick(80 gp, lbs)(ECS p. 121)Craft(Alchemy )25
Works like a standard smokestick, but anyone inside the fumes must make a Fort save DC 15 or become nauseated for 1 round.

Doppelganger Bile(95 gp, lbs)(CC, 132)
Double duration for any spell that grants invisibility or a bonus to Disguise checks. That includes Shapechange.

Shapesand (jug)(100 gp, 12 lbs)(Sandstorm p. 102)Craft(Alchemy)25
Through the exertion of your will (Wisdom check DC 16), you can create any mundane non-magical object out of sand that supposedly “serves as a normal item of the same sort”. (So… does that mean I can turn it into 12 lbs of acid or alchemist’s fire? How about explosives or poisons? How about a masterwork gatling gun? Hmm…) It retains that shape as long as it stays within 100′ of you, but you can also reshape it whenever you like by making another Wisdom check. While the question of acid/explosives/poisons will have to be settled by your DM, you have any tool you can possibly imagine at your fingertips. Need a hammer? Done. Don’t need the hammer anymore, need a shovel? Done. It’s particularly useful for tools that wear out after a certain number of uses, such as hacksaws and drills. How about exotic weapons or armor (Shapesand Fullplate = 500 GP, shapesand Mechanus Gear = 700 GP)? It can do that, too, although be aware, if an enemy recognizes you’re using shapesand, he could try to reshape it under his control with a Wisdom check of his own.

Thieves’ Tools, Masterwork (100 gp, 2 lbs)(PHB 130)
+2 DD, open lock

Chaos Flask(100 gp, 0.5 lbs)(Planar Handbook p. 76)
As a free action once per round, you can make a Wisdom check DC 13 and shape this material into almost any non-magical object of the same volume or smaller (depending on the material or density). Somewhat like a one-shot Marvelous Pigments, but there is no price limit. Most alchemical items are quite small and non-magical, so this is a great wild card to have up your sleeve if you run into something you didn’t anticipate. But that’s not the best thing you can do with a Chaos Flask. Know what else is non-magical and very small? Vials of poison. So for only 100 GP, you can whip up a vial of Black Lotus Extract at a 4400 GP discount. (The nastiest poison in print is Megapede Poison, DC 44, primary/secondary 2d6 Con damage + 1d4 Dex penalty, 24000 GP price tag, Dungeonscape p. 129.) It only lasts a number of rounds equal to your Wisdom score, but as long as your Wisdom is 11+, that should be just long enough for the poison’s secondary effect to kick in. Another good use for a Chaos Flask would be expensive material components for spells. Need 5,000 GP diamond for a raise dead? (Sadly, this won’t quite work for resurrection’s 10 minute casting time unless your Wisdom score is 100+.)

OK Items

Mead, elven(15 gp, 2 lbs)(Arms & Equipment Guide 22)
Vey fine ale (DC 12), 1 pint

Scale Mail(self crafted)(16.66 gp, 30 lbs)(PHB)Craft(Armorsmithing)14

Magnet(20 gp, 2 lbs)(Dungeonscape p. 32)
Attach to candle wick or pole to pick up ferrous objects, up to 2 lbs. Also useful for attaching notes or art projects to your shield or breastplate.

Titan Gum(25 gp, 1 lbs)(Dragon Mag 301)Craft(Alchemy)16
DC 20 Strength check to seperate things glued together. DC 16 craft(Alchemy) makes this easy to make

Alchemical Sleep Gas(30 gp, 1.25 lbs)(FR)Craft(Alchemy)25
10′ range increment,Fort DC 15 or sleep 1 min

Tower shield+UnseenServent(30 gp, 45 lbs)(PHB 128)Craft(Armorsmithing)14
Total Cover. Give to your Unseen servent

Frostfire(40 gp, 1 lbs)(Savage Species p. 47)Craft(Alchemy)20
Much like Alchemist’s Fire, Frostfire is thrown as a grenade-like weapon and does 1d6 cold damage on the first round and another 1d6 cold damage on the next round if it isn’t scraped off (full round action, Ref save DC 15 to remove or automatically wash it off with alcoholic/acidic liquid). No splash damage. More expensive but better damage than Alchemist’s Frost or Quickfrost.

Slumber Sand(50 gp, lbs)(Sandstorm)Craft(Alchemy)12
grenade weapon,save DC 15 or sleep,5HD or less

Atramen Oil(50 gp, 1 lbs)(Planar Handbook p. 75)Craft(Alchemy)20
Throw as a grenade-like splash weapon, ranged touch attack with a 10′ range increment, direct hit on a target takes -4 penalty on Fort saves for 1 minute. Any creature in the 5′ splash gets a similar -1 penalty on Fort saves. Great way to soften up a target for poison or some other Fort-based attack.

Firestone(50 gp, 0.5 lbs)(Dragon Compendium p. 117)Craft(Alchemy)25
Thrown as a grenade-like weapon, it does 1d6 fire damage, but unlike a splash weapon, it has an area effect that damages everything in the 5′ square without a Ref save. Ranged touch attacks are pretty easy to begin with, but targeting a stationary square rather than a creature makes them even ridiculously more so. This might allow you to throw a whole bag full of these into a square for Xd6 fire damage, X = however many firestones fit in the bag. Another interesting tactic might be to give this bag to an unseen servant, and have it drop or empty the bag into a square from above (doesn’t require an attack roll). No weight was given in the Dragon Compendium or the original Dragon article, so I’m assuming a firestone weighs the same as a sling bullet (1/2 lb). Thus, an unseen servant could put 39 into a sack (20 lbs total) and drop it in a square for 39d6 fire damage, no save.

Blasting Pellets(50 gp, lbs)(Races of Stone p159)Craft(Alchemy)25
One bag’s worth of pellets covers a 5’ square. Any creature going through the square steps on a pellet and sets them all off by a chain-reaction (Reflex save vs. DC 15 to not set them off). Anyone in the square takes 1d6 Sonic damage (no save).

Chainmail(self crafted)(50 gp, 40 lbs)(PHB)Craft(Armorsmithing)15
Wizard with 18 int, familiar(aid another), and 4 ranks in craft(armorsmithing) has a +10, meaning he has to roll a 1 5 times in a row. Seeing he can fail You should read the Craft skill entry and walk through it as there’s a chance you won’t have that many rolls

False Bottom(50 gp, 0 lbs)(Complete Scoundrel)
A false bottom can be added to any container with a hard base. The false bottom will slightly reduce the volume of the container but does not add any additional weight. To access the false bottom, the container must be emptied. The largest size for a false bottom is two sizes smaller than the container it is built into. Price

Kyo Crystals(50 gp, 0 lbs)(Expedition to Undermountain p. 217)
One-shot items similar to potions, but unlike potions activating them with a standard action does not provoke an AoO. They cost the same as potions (I’ve listed a cost above for a 1st level spell because I thought they were the most useful), but the spell must be chosen from a limited list: burning hands, cure light wounds, cure moderate wounds (150 GP), cure serious wounds wounds (250 GP), light (25 GP), mage armor, magic missle, magic weapon, mirror image (150 GP), or ray of frost (25 GP). Oddly enough, you don’t have to have these spells on your spell list to create these items, so wizards can create cure crystals. Of the available spells, magic missle (autohit force damage) and magic weapon (easier than applying an oil) look like the most useful.

Periscope, Hand(50 gp, 2 lbs)(Dungeonscape p. 32)
Peek around corners (with a +7 Hide bonus).

Soil of Stone(65 gp, 0 lbs)(CC, 132)
Double the duration of Earth spells for 60 gp. Not bad when you’re summoning an Earth Elemental monolith or casting an Earthquake.

Taxine(100 gp, 0 lbs)(http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/al/20041208a)
(Yew tree poison. Ingested, 1d3 Con/2d6, each subsequent exposure increases DC by 2 and +1d2 Con damage)

Candle, Focusing(100 gp, 1 lbs)(Complete Adventurer p. 118)Craft(Alchemy)25
+1 circumstance bonus on Appraise, Decipher Script, Forgery, and Search checks. Note
if you think you’ll need this for longer than an hour, you can increase the duration to 15 days (365 days / 24 hours = 15.21 days) with a little Unguent of Timelessness

Weapon Capsule Retainer (100 gp, 0 lbs)(Complete Adventurer)
Swift action to apply 1, 2, or 3!!! Injury poison installed to target of melee attack

Price 100-1000gp

Best Items

Drow arrow poison(120 gp, 0 lbs)(Savage Species 46)Craft(Poisoncrafting)
DC 17, init(uncon), secon(uncon)

Wand Chamber(150 gp, 0 lbs)(DungeonScape)
Always have a wand readied with a weapon that also gives you a benefit.

Lamellar(150 gp, 35 lbs)(Races of the Wild, Arms and Equipment Guide)Craft(Armorsmithing)15
5AC, max dex=+3, medium armor, consider convincing the wizard to sink 4-5 points in craft(armorsmithing) and having his familiar aid him

LockSlick (180 gp, 0.5 lbs)(Dungeonscape 36)Craft(Alchemy)25
oils up a device. +2 alchemical bonus to Disable Device and Open Lock

Unicorn Horn(190 gp, 0 lbs)(CC 133)
Turn a Heal spell into a Mass Heal with a 30′ cone area of effect for 190 GP. Figure out how many party members you can fit into the cone, then figure out how many scrolls of Heal you would have had to buy to get the same effect.

Talisman of Transference(200 gp, 0.5 lbs)(http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/we/20060526a)
Let’s the crafter regain XP spent in crafting from the person who is ‘buying’ the weapon

Goodberry Wine(250 gp, 0.5 lbs)(Five Nations p. 82)
Each jug contains 5 doses, so for 50 GP you get the equivalent of a maximized potion of cure light wounds (each dose heals 8 HP). This is a much better deal than the CLW potion or the Healing Salve from Tome & Blood. The only drawback is you’re limited to one dose every 8 hours. Other benefits include it counts as a full meal for a medium creature, it works in the Mournland, and it uses transmutation magic so it should have full effect on a Warforged.

Incense of Concentration(250 gp, 0 lbs)(MIC 162)
+1 1st level spell for a day

Jumping Caltrops(250 gp, lbs)(MIC p. 162)
Fire-and-forget battlefield control that (if I understand the entry correctly) can be used over and over again.

Wand Bracer(300 gp, lbs)(Dungeonscape)
Five wands that you can access at any given time at the expense of a swift action. Very very potent if you fill it with situational-but-powerful “Batman-esque” wands. I tend to fill mine with armor lock, cure light wounds, entice gift, grease, and either benign transposition or flame blade.

Redflower Leaves(300 gp, lbs)(Lords of Darkness)
gives +4 competence to Attacks vs single creature for 10 min.

Crystal of Return(300 gp, 0 lbs)(MiC 65)
Draw weapon as a free action

Nugget of Garl Glittergold(350 gp, 0 lbs)(CC 134)
+1 caster level to illusion spells and Trickery domain spells. What gnome illusionist wouldn’t want one of these?

Stone Socket of Grummsh(350 gp, 0 lbs)(CC 134)
+1 damage per die for War domain spells or spells with the evil descriptor. However, this damage cannot take the spell beyond the normal maximum damage. Note that this one really pays off in conjunction with one of the various feats that add the evil de

Feather Token, Tree(400 gp, 0 lbs)(DMG)
Much like the swan boat, the tree token offers a variety of battlefield control possibilities. Block off a narrow passage, provide hard cover, put an easily-climbable object next to a shear wall, chop it down to cross a chasm/create a 60′ wall 5′ high, or just piss off a druid. The description goes out of its way to mention it’s an instantaneous effect, so you could try the “drop it on somebody from above” trick.

Twisted silk(400 gp, 15 lbs)(DR348 p87)
+3 armor, 5% ASF, 0 ACP

Triple Weapon Capsule Retainer (450 gp, 0 lbs)(Complete Adventurer)
Swift action to apply Injury poison installed to target of melee attack

Terran Brandy(500 gp, lbs)(BoVD)
+2 Alchemical to Caster level for 1d20+20 minutes, and 2 points Con Damage

Tarmak War Paint(500 gp, 0 lbs)(Dragonlance Campaign Setting p. 232)Craft(Alchemy)25
For those of you who want to get on that whole “Braveheart” kink, here you go. This blue body paint provides a +5 natural armor bonus and fast healing 5. Both effects wear off after it heals 20 HP. This makes it difficult to determine just how long it will last, but even at a minimum of four rounds, +5 NA and fast healing 5 from a non-magical source is astounding, if not outright pushing the boundaries of credibility. If you don’t take any damage, the +5 NA bonus could last for days/weeks/etc. This is another prime candidate for a Chaos Flask, if you’d rather pay only 100 GP for this item, although this limits the duration to a number of rounds equal to your Wisdom score. It should probably belong in a Type II or Type III Haversack, but I’m including it here as an Honorable Mention because of how obscure the sourcebook is (Dragonlance Campaign Setting was released by a 3rd party publisher but with the official D&D trademark license, not the D20 license) and the price is a lot higher than other alchemical items.

Magebred Warbeast Riding dog(500 gp, 0 lbs)(EbCS p. 295, MM2 p. 217, SRD)
Move action to attack, trips, decent damage

Magic Bedroll(500 gp, 6 lbs)(Magic Item Compendium p. 163)
Not to be confused with Heward’s Fortifying Bedroll (Complete Mage). This bedroll provides the benefits of endure elements and restores 1 HP per character level after 8 hours of rest. Combine with Bitterleaf Oil to gain more natural healing, although unlike the oil, the bedroll doesn’t have a 5 HP maximum limit.

Least Crystal of Arrow Deflection(600 gp, 0 lbs)(MIC pg 25)
This augment crystal grants you a +2 bonus to AC against ranged attacks

Magebred Warbeast Light Warhorse(700 gp, 0 lbs)(EbCS p. 295, MM2 p. 217, SRD)
Nice tank

Healing Belt(750 gp, lbs)(Magic Item Compendium)
Very very cheap healing.

Powder of the Black Veil(750 gp, 0 lbs)(Magic Item Compendium p. 169)
Although the item description says this powder can be thrown into an area, it also says the 10′ burst is centered on the user, so I guess you have to throw it down at your feet. This puts you inside the cloud, but you are immune to the blinding effect. Any other creature inside the cloud is blind, no save. They can move out of the cloud, and the blindness lasts an additional 1d4 rounds if they fail a Will save DC 13. I thought the powder also blocked line-of-sight or provided total concealment, but there’s no mention of that in the description. While eggshell grenades are cheaper and easier to use, this powder can affect multiple targets if they’re standing close enough together.

Wand of Lesser Vigor(750 gp, 0 lbs)(SC 229 for spell)
One of the most efficient gp-to-hp healing devices available.

Trinket of Trickery(1000 gp, 0 lbs)(Complete Scoundrel pg. 117)
Gain a skill trick

Reliquary Holy Symbol(1000 gp, 0 lbs)(MiC 120)
Provides up to 3 extra turn undead attempts per day. Particularly helpful for fuelling Divine Metamagic in a campaign where the DM doesn’t permit Nightsticks to stack.

Glyph Seal(1000 gp, lbs)(MIC p. 161)
Almost like a portable contingency spell. Attach this to an easy-to-open object (belt pouch, shirt pocket, etc.) and have one of your spellcaster buddies cast any 1st or 2nd level spell into it, and you can activate it later as a free/swift/immediate action, similar to quaffing a potion but without the restrictions of a potion.

OK Items

Ioun Stone, Dull Grey(135 gp, 0 lbs)(DMG 3.0)
A burned-out ioun stone (25 GP) no longer confers any magical effects, but it does still float around your head. Get your friendly neighborhood cleric to cast continual flame on it (which may cost 50 to 110 GP), and you can create a slotless light source that keeps your hands free.

Earthsilk Jersey(150 gp, 2 lbs)(Races of Stone p. 160)
DR 1/slashing or bludgeoning… meh. Given how many different damage types can get past this, and it stops working if you get a crit with a piercing attack (but not a slash crit…?), I don’t think it’s worth the bother.

Delver’s Slime(150 gp, 1 lbs)(Savage Species 46)
organic 2d6, metalic 4d8, stone 8d10

Inquisitive’s Kit(300 gp, 4 lbs)(Eb)
Clocking in at 4 pounds this pack contains glass, wood and metal containers of different shapes, silk gloves, brushes, tweezers and probes, a magnifying lens, ink and quills, chalk and charcoal, parchment sheets and a small journal. This is essentially the Batman component of any utility belt.

War Cross of St. Cuthbert(350 gp, 1 lbs)(CC 135)
Increases divine CL by 1 for mind-affecting spells and turning undead.

Wand of Acid splash(375 gp, 0 lbs)(DMG)
the cheapest (375 gp) ranged touch attack you can buy for your ranged sneak attacker.

Feather Token, Swan Boat(450 gp, 0 lbs)(DMG)
It can be used wherever the tree token can be used to block doorways/passages, divide or break up combat formations, provide hard cover, a safe place to sleep, bridge a short gap, a couple tons of firewood, or if dropped from a short height, 20d6 falling object damage (*no save*).

Arcanist’s Gloves(500 gp, 0 lbs)(MIC)
+2 to caster level on 1st level spells 2/day. Decent if used in conjunction with, say, Ray of Enfeeblement or Mage Armor (to increase its duration)

Chronocharm of the Horizon Walker(500 gp, 0 lbs)(MIC 86)
Move your speed as a swift action 1/day

Wand of Lesser Acid Orb(750 gp, 0 lbs)(Complete Arcane)
1-5d8 damage, no save, no spell resistance, ranged touch. Scales up to 30d8 with Twinned Admixed Quickened boost.

Tome of Worldly Memory(750 gp, 1 lbs)(MIC 190)
Knowledge Devotion People Attention
3/day study for a minute
+5 to a knowledge check

Wand of Divine Favor(750 gp, 0 lbs)(PHB)
Effective Caster Level of 9 makes the luck bonus +3.

Eternal Wand 1(820 gp, 0 lbs)(MIC 160)
a X level spell twice a day. Best for daylong buffs. What spells do you use?

Hand of the Mage(900 gp, 2 lbs)(DMG)
A handy (“{groan}” “What?!”) item to have around. Lift and manipulate any object up to 5 lbs within 35′. When you can afford to upgrade, pick up a Collar of Perpetual Attendance for unseen servant at will.

Price 1000-10000gp

Best Items

Phylactery of Change(1120 gp, 0 lbs)(Arms & Equipment Guide)
Allows you to Polymorph Self with unlimited duration. Note that with the many, many changes to Polymorph since 3.0, and the fact that “Polymorph Self” doesn’t actually exist anymore, many DMs will ban this item outright.

Goggles of Minute Seeing(1,250 gp, 0 lbs)(DMG)
grants a +5 bonus to Search checks when looking for secret doors, traps, and concealed objects.

Anklets of Translocation(1400 gp, 0 lbs)(MIC)
Swift action 10′ teleport twice per day. You need 10′ in order to charge someone, so if you charged them last round and they aren’t dead, port back 10′ and charge again! CHARGE!

Whitesilver Elixir(1500 gp, 1 lbs)(Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk p. 222)
For 10 minutes, gain all the immunities of the plant type, including crits, mind-effecting, polymoprh, paralysis, poison, sleep, and stunning.

Lesser Crystal of Life Drinking(1500 gp, 0 lbs)(MIC 25)
Heal 3 HP / attacking a foe. Stops at 30. Resets on new day.

Artificer’s Monocle(1500 gp, lbs)(MIC, pg 72)
Use artificer knowledges to read magical item auras, but the real bargain is if you can cast detect magic and have 5 ranks of Knowledge
Arcana, you can spend one minute to study an item and get the description as if you cast Identify, unlimited uses.

Hat of Disguise(1800 gp, 0 lbs)(DMG 258)
Continuous Disguise Self spell.

Papyrus of Deception(2000 gp, 0 lbs)(Complete Adventurer)
This is for when you really need to get a job done. Not only does it format it self to replicate the purposed document but is also reusable. Hello Dr. Who

Heward’s Handy Haversack(2000 gp, lbs)(DMG 259)
Holds less than a Bag of Holding, but also costs less, and the retrieval function is very valuable.

Sudden Stunning Weapon(2000 gp, 0 lbs)(DMGII, pg 261)
Reflex save or be stunned. DC and uses per day are based on charisma

Headband of Conscious Effort(2000 gp, 0 lbs)(MiC 109)
Make a Concentration check in place of a Fortitude save once per day. For an arcane caster, it’s pretty much an auto-success on a Fort save once per day, and that’s more than worth the price.

Warning(+1)(2000 gp, 0 lbs)(MiC, pg 46)
+5 insight bonus to initiative when holding the weapon in question. He who strikes first, strikes last if he strikes hard enough in the first place.

Collar of Perpetual Attendance(2000 gp, lbs)(WotC website)
Infinite number of uses
trapfinder, caltrop/marble wrangler, reload your crossbow, fetch and refold nets, drop alchemical items (such as a bag full of 19 flasks of acid), carry/ignite smokesticks, carry a feycraft darkwood tower shield, and the Swan Boat of Crushing Death (mentioned above).

Dust of Sneezing and Choking(2500 gp, 0 lbs)(DMG)
Some DMs don’t notice this item tucked away in the Cursed Items section, but many DMs who know exactly what it can do frequently ban it outright. If used against a party, it’s pretty much a guaranteed Total Party Kill (TPK). Used *by* the party, and it’s pretty much guaranteed Total Party Gets To Kill Anything. The reason the dust is so powerful is even if a creature hit by it makes its Fort save to resist the Constitution damage, it’s still stunned 5d4 rounds (average 12.5 rounds, minimum 5 rounds). If your DM allows you to get hold of this, then I’d advise only using this item as a “Get Out of Certain Death Free” card last resort. Once the DM sees how powerful it is, odds are good you’ll never be able to use it gain.

Eyes of the Eagle (2500 gp, 0 lbs)(DMG)
+5 spot

Moonfire Salve(2500 gp, 0.5 lbs)(Magic of Faerun p. 163)
One-shot item with multiple effects, depending on how you use it. Apply to forehead for dispel magic, apply to feet for fly, apply to eyes for darkvision, apply to hand for greater mage hand, or eat it for cure serious wounds.

Lesser Crystal of Arrow Deflection(2500 gp, 0 lbs)(MIC pg 25)
This augment crystal grants you a +5 bonus to AC against ranged attacks

Lesser Rod of Metamagic-Extend(3000 gp, lbs)(DMG 236)
Inexpensive and consistently useful. There are any number of low-level buff spells that benefit from being Extended.

RING OF ANTICIPATION(3000 gp, 0 lbs)(Drow of the Underdark)
Roll twice for Init, +2 Listen & spot

Gloves of Object Reading(3000 gp, 0 lbs)(Magic Item Compendium p. 107)
While most people might use this item to handle an object and learn something about the previous owner, it can also be used to drive a DM completely bugf*ck crazy
“Ok, so this gold piece… the previous owner, did he wear nice clothes? What color was his hair? Did he have a spellbook? Can I see what spells were in it? No? Okay, next gold piece…” If you ask the right questions, the key to any locked door, puzzle, or riddle the DM throws at you should be right at your fingertips (the owner or creator had to get through the door/puzzle/riddle at some point, right?). Also, not sure what a magic item does? These gloves should give you the equivalent of a free identify
how was the item created, how it was used, what is the command word to activate it, and so forth. Plenty of “social engineering” possibilities, too… pick apart the weaknesses of any important NPCs or BBEGs from whatever objects they leave behind. Return lost items to their owners (for a small — or perhaps not too small — “finder’s fee”, of course). In only a few minutes, identify forged documents, fake art/gems/jewelry, cursed magic items, or trapped objects. The possibilities are endless.

Novice Ring of the Diamond Mind(3000 gp, 0 lbs)(Tome of Battle)
Concentration check in place of [Some save] as a maneuver, access to a plethora of great counters

Stone Dragon Belt, Novice(3000 gp, 1 lbs)(Tome of Battle p. 150)
This item is used primarily to get access to the Mountain Hammer maneuver, the ultimate Swiss-Army chainsaw and dungeon redecorating tool, which is a standard action strike that ignores DR, hardness, and does an extra 2d6 damage. This allows you to cut down, break apart, or sunder anything your heart desires, over and over again. There are a few requirements, however. Because it’s a Stone Dragon strike, you have to be in contact with the ground. You also need a high enough Initiator Level. For a non-martial adept, this means you need 6 levels/HD. You can only use the maneuver once per encounter, or if you’re out of combat, you have to meditate for 5 minutes to re-ready the maneuver. If you already have martial adept levels and a high enough initiator level, then you can use your usual recovery method. If you don’t have a high enough level yet, you can pick up either the Charging Minotaur or Stone Bones strike instead. If you have an Initiator Level of 5 or more, you can also get access to the 3rd level strikes Bonecrusher and Stone Dragon’s Fury. The item description doesn’t specify how you choose a new maneuver, but it stands to reason that if you take the item off and wait 24 hours for it to re-attune, you can select a different maneuver.

Raptor’s Mask(3500 gp, lbs)(MiC 210)
+5 unnamed bonus to spot, plus immunity to being blinded and dazzled.

Enveloping Pit(3600 gp, 0 lbs)(MiC 159)
If you’re Lawful Neutral, Lawful Evil, or Neutral Evil, this is a Portable Hole–only with more than five times the normal volume, at about a fifth of the normal cost. Just make sure you stick a ladder in so you can get to the bottom easily.

Twilight(+1)(4000 gp, 0 lbs)(Book of Exalted Deeds, PHB2 21)
Combined with a Mithril Chain Shirt, results in armor that virtually anyone can wear
No ASF, no skill check penalty, no movement penalty.

Gauntlets of War(4000 gp, lbs)(CC 139)
+1 damage to melee attacks, +3 if you worship a deity with access to the War domain. +1 damage for 4,000 gp is so-so; +3 is fantastic.

Nolzur’s Marvelous Pigments(4000 gp, 0 lbs)(DMG)
The definitive “whatever you can possibly imagine” item. Not only can you create mundane equipment, but any non-magical alchemical item is only 10 minutes away. Don’t like how the dungeon is laid out? Paint some doors, walls, tunnels, or a few lava pits. A judicious painter knows how to conserve paint, however. Need to get through a wall? Instead of painting an entire door or tunnel, paint cracks in the wall so it’s easier to break down. Or paint a hole and go through with a potion of gaseous form. When you add non-magical items such as Ectoplasm Equipment/Stabilizer (Ghostwalk, non-magical ghost touch weapons) and Chaos Flasks (Planar Handbook, create poisons or diamonds) on top of that, the possibilities are staggering. The only real drawback with the pigments is it’s not entirely clear from the description how you track the amount of material you can create. There are two different limitations
by surface area (up to 100′ square feet), or by GP cost (up to 2000 GP). However, it’s not clear if the 2000 GP limit is per item created or a total per pot of pigments. For example, if the owner paints a 10′ x 10′ x 10′ room, can he fill the entire volume with suits of full plate and vials of poison, or does everything in the room have to total up to 2000 GP or less? If you go by surface area, this works for simple features such as doors, pits, and pools of lava, but not so well for smaller objects with complex shapes, such as weapons/alchemical items/trombones/etc. If you go by GP cost, this works well for smaller items but you may be stuck digging through obscure sourcebooks to find a price for a 5′ cube of ice/lava/mozzarella/etc. Work with your DM to determine which method works best.

Immovable Rod(5000 gp, lbs)(DMG)
I think there are about 3 things where you couldn’t involve an immovable rod in a fun way. Wait, no 2.

Ring of Arming(5000 gp, 0 lbs)(MiC 122)
Costs half as much as a Glove of Storing. The glove allows you to store one weapon; the ring allows you to store all your weapons AND armor. You do the math.

Metamagic Wandgrip(6000 gp, lbs)(Complete Mage 133)
Allows the wearer to apply metamagic to a wand spell three times per day, at the cost of extra charges.

Folding Boat(7200 gp, 4 lbs)(DMG)
Same as the Feather Token
Swan Boat, but you can use it over and over again
battlefield control, hard cover, safe place to sleep, or drop it on something you want to squish from above. Unfortunately, an unseen servant can’t speak the command words, but a Raven familiar could have loads of fun with this thing.

Hand of Glory(8000 gp, 0 lbs)(DMG 258)
In addition to casting Daylight and See Invisibility, allows the wearer to wear and benefit from an extra ring. How often can you buy an Epic feat for 8,000 gp?

Parrying(8000 gp, 0 lbs)(Expanded Psionics HB)
+1 insight bonus to AC and ALL saving throws

Smoking Weapon(+1)(8000 gp, 0 lbs)(Lords of Darkness, pg 180)
Real concealment that doesn’t affect the users vision and a localized friendly stinking cloud(Nauseated) to discourage grappling.

Ring of Entropic Deflection(8000 gp, 0 lbs)(MIC 123)
As long as you’re 10′ fro where you started you have entropic shield. If you wear an item that boosts your speed the miss chance goes from 20% to 50%

Eager(+1)(8000 gp, 0 lbs)(MiC 34)
Gives you a +2 typeless initiative bonus when you’re wielding it, as well as a +2 damage bonus during the surprise round and first round of combat. (You can also draw it as a free action.)

Collar of Umbral Metamorphosis(10800 gp, 0 lbs)(Tome of Magic)
gain the Dark Creature template for 10 min a day; +8 hide, +6 move silently, +10 ft move speed, cold resistance 10, superior low light vision and darkvision 60 ft.

OK Items

Steadfast Boots(1400 gp, lbs)(MIC)
+4 bonus to avoid bull rush, trip, or overrun attacks. Any two-handed weapon you carry is treated as if readied against any creature that charges you.

Empowered Spellshard(1500 gp, 0 lbs)(MIC 96)
Pick a 1st level spell. 3/day freely empower that spell at no extra cost.

Quiver of Ehlonna(1800 gp, lbs)(DMG 265)
Nice for arrows, nicer for wands and staves. The Artificer’s best friend! It’s not a bad idea to create it in a non-standard form, if permissible, to prevent smart enemies from sundering every quiver they see.

Whirling Weapon(2000 gp, 0 lbs)(MIC)
The prerequisites for Whirling attack are insane. Being able to whirl 3/day is awesome

Greatreach Bracers(2000 gp, lbs)(MIC 108)
3/day +10 ft. to reach for 1 round, combine with Whirling Weapon

Drow House Insignia(2nd level spell)(2160 gp, 1 lbs)(Races of Faerun p. 173)
These unique necklaces are used to identify which noble house a drow belongs to, but they also have one low-level spell that can be activated 1/day. The level of the spell determines the price (1st = 360 GP, 2nd = 2160 GP, 3rd = 5400 GP). The available spells include:blur, cat’s grace, cloak of dark power, comprehend languages, feather fall, jump, levitate, read magic, scatterspray, shield, spider climb, unseen servant, and water breathing. The one we’re most interested in is unseen servant. See the entry for Collar of Perpetual Attendance below if you’re not sure why. Upgrade to the Collar as soon as finances permit.

Amulet of Tears(2300 gp, 0 lbs)(MiC 70)
Capable of providing up to 36 temporary hit points per day. How much is “Not dead” worth? A lot more than 2,300 gp.

Panther Mask(2700 gp, lbs)(MIC 201)
Run feat and, if in light/no armor, +5′ to speed

Heward’s Fortifying Bedroll(3000 gp, lbs)(Complete Mage 132)
Allows casters to regain spells with only one hour of sleep, rather than the usual 8.

Sun Sword(3000 gp, lbs)(Expedition to Castle Ravenloft)
The no-frills version of this weapon is a +1 bastard sword that can be wielded as a short sword, making it an excellent and affordable off-hand weapon.

Glove of the Master Strategist(3600 gp, 0 lbs)(Ghostwalk p. 71)
Everything a Glove of Storing can do, plus true strike 1/day, without the horrendous 3.5 price increase. And yes, there was a 3.5 update released for Ghostwalk, and the price stayed the same, so it’s official. Allows you to swap out whatever’s in your hand as a free action, up to 20 pounds (which would include the haversack, if you were so inclined). Also a nifty way to get your hand free to draw an item from your haversack, throw a grenade-like weapon, or swap a melee weapon for a ranged weapon. Since it stores an item in stasis, it can also be used to store torches or other alchemical items with specific durations, such as a Focusing Candle, Hearthfire, Fire Beetle Lamp, or possibly a Chaos Flask that have been shaped into something else.

Metalline Dagger(3800 gp, lbs)(MIC)
The all-purpose knife able to switch from adamantine, cold iron, silver and back to simple metal.

Spellguard Rings(4000 gp, 0 lbs)(Complete Mage 127)
Caster wears one and ally the other. Ally is immune to caster’s spell 3/day. The possibilities are almost endless.

Ring of Counterspells(4000 gp, 0 lbs)(DMG 230)
Almost a must-have for those who rely heavily on buff spells. Automatically counters a preselected spell of 1st-6th level (usually Greater Dispel.)

Glyph Seal, Greater(4000 gp, 0 lbs)(Magic Item Compendium p. 161)
Between the lesser and greater Glyph Seal versions, there’s an odd “donut hole” where you can’t use 3rd or 4th level spells, but the greater version can store any spell 5th level or higher. Check with your DM if metamagic feats can increase the effective spell level, or if you have to use Heighten Spell to get up to 5th. Much cheaper than a ring/weapon of Spell-Storing.

Eternal Wand 2(4420 gp, 0 lbs)(MIC 161)
a X level spell twice a day. Best for daylong buffs

Mask of Lies(4500 gp, lbs)(MiC 115)
Provides continuous Undetectable Alignment, a +5 to Bluff checks, and the ability to use Disguise Self three times per day.

Wand of Scorching Ray(4500 gp, 0 lbs)(PHB)
12d6, no save, ranged touch. Scales up to 72d6 with TAQ boost, but requires more hit rolls and is subject to spell resistance.

FEARSOME(5000 gp, 0 lbs)(Drows of the Underdark)
Demoralize as a move instead of a standard, +5 to intimidates

Hand of the Oak Father(5000 gp, 1 lbs)(Magic Item Compendium p. 109)
A bit of an eclectic mix of 1/day spells. If you’re looking to upgrade a Goodberry Bracelet, Hand of the Oak Father can cast goodberry once per day for 2d4 berries. It can also cast barkskin (natural armor buff), entangle (battlefield control), plant growth (uh… agribusiness buff?), speak with plants (gardening tips, maybe?), and tree shape (disguise/hide).

Ruby(5000 gp, 0 lbs)(Magic of Faerun)
when added to wand with Evocation spell +2 save DC, if no save +2 caster level

Star Ruby(5000 gp, 0 lbs)(Magic of Faerun)
when added to wand with illusion spells….+2 effective Caster lvl of effect

Truedeath Crystal (lesser)(5000 gp, 0 lbs)(MiC 66)
Gives the weapon the Ghost Touch ability for much less than it would cost to add the ability to a high-powered weapon. The greater variant, at 10,000 gp, allows sneak attacks on undead–also highly valuable.

Bracers of Archery, lesser(5000 gp, 1 lbs)(SRD)
Proficency in any bow you weild or if already prof
+1 to attack

SHADOW CLOAK(5500 gp, 1 lbs)(Drows of the Underdark)
+1 AC. 3/day {Concealment for 1 round, teleport 10 feet by sight}

Lucky Charm(7000 gp, 0 lbs)(Complete Scoundrel)
If you have a luck feat, luck rerolls, or the luck domain, you can expend 1 of [Unknown number of charges] instead of your daily alotment for the reroll.

Horizon Goggles (8000 gp, lbs)(Complete Mage 133)
Grant the benefits of the Far Shot feat, which is nice. Also increase the range of spells that require a ranged attack roll by 50%, which is even nicer.

GLOVES OF THE BALANCED HAND(8000 gp, 0 lbs)(MIC 105)
TWF feat, or ITWF if you already have it

Bracers of the Hunter(8500 gp, lbs)(Secrets of Xen’drik)
+5 competence bonus on Hide checks, +2 competence bonus on initiative checks and +1d6 damage to sneak attack or sudden strike.

Blindfold of True Darkness(9000 gp, 0 lbs)(MiC 75)
30’ blindsight and immunity to gaze attacks

Initiative(10000 gp, 0 lbs)(Oriental Adventures)
+2 luck bonus on Initiative

Eternal Wand 3(10900 gp, 0 lbs)(MIC 162)
a X level spell twice a day. Best for daylong buffs

Crafting and WBL

Crafting mundane items by yourself cuts the price down to 1/3rd. If your party has someone with even a 1/2 decent Int score and a few skill points to spare, can double the versatility of the party by spending your cash more wisely. The fighter can afford better armor, the wizard can have money to scribe spells(given he has some XP), the monk can toss marbles/Sleep-Smoke and actually be useful for once, you can afford a Masterwork Artisan’s tools(50gp) for a +2 craft, meaning you can craft even more.
Typical craft bonuses for an average party

Rogue, Wizard, Psion, Factotum, Ninja, Bard
All have craft as a class skill.
With just +4 bonus in the right craft skill they can craft your armor and a bunch of other stuff.
If you’re crafting it’s probably because you’re level 1-3 and trying to save a penny. The following chart will help you really eek out that last farthing.
Let’s say your a wizard, psion(Artiste(+3 craft) psicrystal) or Artificer with an 18 Int, 4 ranks in Craft(X). The psion has a small hand up as his Artiste psycrystal gives him a +3. If you’re thinking of using a familiar/psicrystal in an aid another, the familiar uses his own stats(6 int(-2)) and his master’s ranks(4) thus a +2 to craft, not enough to guarantee a 10(remember you can’t take 10 on aid another), but might boost our total, but that only leads to less time spent.

Psion(Psicrystal:artiste): 18 Int(+4) + 4 ranks + 3(psicrystal) ===(take 10)===> DC 21
Factotum: 18 Int(+4) + 4 ranks = +8 ===(take 10)===> DC 18, 19 if you count temporary(+ level/encounter) bonuses from class features
Wizard: 18 Int(+4) + 4 ranks = +8 ===(take 10)===> DC 18
Rogue/bard: 14 Int(+4) + 4 ranks = +6 ===(take 10)===> DC 16

I have a +Y bonus to Craft(X). What can I do with it now?

The reason I didn’t include Aid another is that most builds cannot get to a +9 minimum, meaning they can’t guarantee a 10, meaning you can’t always rely on it. Once you have 2 people with a +9, then one aids the other, resulting in one of them having a +11, or in other words,
By level 2, if you have 2 PCs with a +9 to craft, alone they cannot craft things with with a DC 20, but together they can.
If you’re thinking of using your familiar, think again. he uses his own stats, which are at most Int 6(-2).

Craft boosting spells

If your DM allows temporary bonuses from spells to boost the craft check which is supposed to represent a week of work then here are some nifty spells that can send your craft bonus through the stratosphere.
Guidance of the Avatar(Cleric 2): grants +20 to a single skill check
Boosting UMD checks
Herioism(Bard2, Wiz3): Grants a +2
Wieldskill(Magic of Faerun 134, Cleric 1): Grants a +10 to a single check.
Magecraft(Wiz 1, ECS): grants a +5 to 1 check
Guidance(Clr 0, Drd 0): +1 to a skill for a minute

Note you can boost the Craft DC by 10, thus increasing progress made(Craft result*DC = progress made) and possibly making it in 1 shot.
Thus purchasing a potion of X to get the temporary boost and increasing the DC, might just let you make it in 1 check.

Can I really take 10 on craft

Taking 10
When your character is not being threatened or distracted, you may choose to take 10. Instead of rolling 1d20 for the skill check, calculate your result as if you had rolled a 10. For many routine tasks, taking 10 makes them automatically successful. Distractions or threats (such as combat) make it impossible for a character to take 10. In most cases, taking 10 is purely a safety measure —you know (or expect) that an average roll will succeed but fear that a poor roll might fail, so you elect to settle for the average roll (a 10). Taking 10 is especially useful in situations where a particularly high roll wouldn’t help.

Ability Checks and Caster Level Checks
The normal take 10 and take 20 rules apply for ability checks. Neither rule applies to caster level checks.

Nowhere does it say you can’t take 10, which is the custom with other skills.

Review of Craft

If your DC <= Craft(X) bonus+10 (meaning you took 10) then pay 1/3rd the price. Done!! Pat yourself on the back and move on Otherwise you'll have to roll for it(see below) Rolling for craft Find the DC of the item you're trying to craft, and the price. Pay 1/3rd the market price as Raw Materials Convert the price in silver pieces. This is your total Make a Craft(X) check. If(Success) ---Result*DC is subtracted off the sp total you calculated else if(result > DC-4)
—No progress
—pay 1/2 of the raw materials as masochistic punishment
repeat the checks till the sp total is payed off

The takaway here is that for the DCs that are below Craft(X) bonus + 10(take 10) and you can take 10, then do. If you were to try and roll for it, your chance of failure is very high, meaning you won’t get very many savings.
For those DCs that are above Craft(X) bonus + 10(take 10), meaning you’ll have to roll for it, odds are that you’ll fail to many times. How many times is too many? Let’s see…Market price*10/(DC*(Craft(X)+10) is the number of times you’ll expect to have to roll. Considering Market Prices increase very quickly and the DC is linear, many times static, as is your Craft bonus, it’s best to just wait till your Craft bonus+10 can guarantee success.

Crafting bonuses

Artisan’s Tools, Masterwork:
+2 circumstance bonus to craft checks
55 gp, mundane tool
Player’s Handbook 129

Alchemist’s Lab:
+2 circumstance bonus craft (alchemy) checks
500 gp, mundane tool
Player’s Handbook 129

Candle, Focusing:
+1 circumstance bonus appraise, craft (alchemy), decipher script, forgery, & search checks (single use, 1 hour)
100 gp, alchemical item
Arms and Equipment Guide 33
Notes: Affects all creatures within 20 feet, references defunct skills (alchemy, scry)

Cartouche of Imhotep:
+5 competence bonus craft checks
5,000 gp, throat slot
Dragon #325 – 75

Dwarven Rune Stein:
Reroll 1 roll (single use, 1 hour [window of use]), +3 competence bonus craft checks (single use, 1 week), or +10 competence bonus balance & bull rush (to resist) checks (single use, 1 hour)
3,300 gp, slotless
Dragon 289 – 105
Notes: Choose from 10 benefits

Forge of the Armorsmith:
+20 competence bonus craft (armorsmithing) checks
10,000 gp, slotless (stationary)
Races of Stone 167

Forge of the Weaponsmith:
+20 competence bonus craft (weaponsmithing) checks
10,000 gp, slotless (stationary)
Races of Stone 167

+4 alchemical bonus appraise & craft (gemcutting) checks (single use, 1 minute)
5 gp, alchemical item
Dragon 291 – 30
Notes: Only applies to 1 gem

Hammer of the Weaponsmith:
+10 circumstance bonus craft (weaponsmithing) checks
2,055 gp, held (tool)
Magic of Faerun 159, Races of Faerun 173

Knife of the Bowyer:
+10 circumstance bonus craft (bowmaking) checks
2,055 gp, held (tool)
Magic of Faerun 162

Ring of Gnomekind:
+2 untyped bonus craft (alchemy) & listen checks
20,000 gp, ring slot
Dragon 333 – 68
Notes: +1 CL (illusion), reduce person (if medium), disguise self (into gnome)

Tongs of the Armorer:
+10 circumstance bonus craft (armorsmithing) checks
2,055 gp, held (tool)
Magic of Faerun 166, Races of Faerun 173

Wealth By Level (WBL)

2 900
3 2700
4 5400
5 9000
6 13000
7 19000
8 27000
9 36000
10 49000
11 66000
12 88000
13 110000
14 150000
15 200000
16 260000
17 340000
18 440000
19 580000
20 760000

Creative Uses of Mundane / Simple things

Use hilt as make-shift hammer
Oral hygiene
Hide in Smuggler’s Boots
Stick(Und 61) wizard cantrip to stick it to the underside of something for later sneaky retrieval.

Spread in a cloud behind you. If pursuers have torch they will blow themselves up
Drill holes in a bamboo stick, pour in flour, Create a pressure or air flow inside the stick to blind opponents
Apply to self and scare town’s peoples.
Add to water and oil, apply fire = bread
Mouth full of flour + fire = firebreather

Bell Trap
Trigger for some crossbows
Attach to door with thrown alchemical item with a fragile container. Door opens = KABOOM/flashbang/Mr. Acid-head

Unseen servant and Collar of Perpetual Attendance

Collar of Perpetual Attendance
Price: 2000 GP
Weight: 0.25#
(WotC online article, Fabulous Cats!)
Unseen servant at will. How is this so powerful? Well, it may be a mindless, shapeless force, but it can perform any activity that an unskilled human can do. This means it gets the same actions every round that any other creature would get: one move + one standard action, or one full-round action. Although it usually takes a move action to direct a spell, this means you can convert your move action into another standard action or more. It has a speed of 15′ (10′ if encumbered), so it can move up to 30′ a round, and while it doesn’t have a fly speed exactly (it has no weight, so it can’t “fall”), it can move vertically up or down within the spell’s range (up to 30′ from the collar).

Unseen servants can also make skill checks so long as the skill is not “trained only” and the DC is 10 or less. This does allow them to “Aid Another” on skill checks (DC 10), although they can’t take a 10 on the check. This allows them to Aid Another on:

Balance, Bluff (including feint), Climb, Concentration, Craft, Diplomacy, Disguise, Forgery, Gather Info, Heal, Hide, Intimidate, Jump, Listen, Move Silently, Perform, Ride, Search, Sense Motive, Spot, Survival, Swim, Use Rope, and maybe a few of the other non-PHB skills out there.

Other things an unseen servant can do:

* Carry a small Feycraft Darkwood Tower Shield (20 lbs carrying max). Arguably cheaper than a dancing shield.
* retrieve/fold a net
* reload a crossbow or sling
* drop/pick up caltrops
* light/carry a smokestick (mobile concealment) or noxious smokestick (save vs. nausea)
* light an oil slick or web on fire
* spread a bag of marbles into a square (5′ x 5′ nonmagical grease)
* pump a sprayer full of holy water, oil, aboleth mucus, or poison (area effect, 5′ x 10′ line, autohit/no save). Might be iffy if this is an “Attack”
* apply an oil/cream to a willing/unconscious target
* apply a blessed bandage/healing salve or forcefeed a goodberry/cure potion to a dying creature
* hold a darkwood feycraft tower shield
* activate a feather token such as a tree or swan boat (20d6 falling object damage, no save). Again, Iffy if this is an attack. Breaking RAI.
* blow a horn of fog, play drums of panic
* open a fire trapped item while holding a piece of parchment inscribed with explosive runes (burning parchment = attempt to erase)
* crush a skull talisman (Frostburn)
* drop/break chardalyn stone (Silver Marches Web Enhancement) or Shalantha’s Delicate Disk (Lost Empires of Faerun)
* activate an explosive pack (Secrets of Sarlona)
* activate/carry/drop a ditherbomb (Races of the Dragon)
* open a screaming flask (Complete Mage)
* spread powder of the black veil (MIC), 10′ cube of no save blindness
* set/trigger a blast disk (Heroes of Battle) or exploding/sleeping/stunning spike (MIC)
* spread/drop slashing sand (MIC) or vial of icy sheets (Frostburn)

Gloves of Object Reading

Price: 3000 GP
(Magic Item Compendium p. 107)
While most people might use this item to handle an object and learn something about the previous owner, it can also be used to drive a DM completely bugf*ck crazy: “Ok, so this gold piece… the previous owner, did he wear nice clothes? What color was his hair? Did he have a spellbook? Can I see what spells were in it? No? Okay, next gold piece…” If you ask the right questions, the key to any locked door, puzzle, or riddle the DM throws at you should be right at your fingertips (the owner or creator had to get through the door/puzzle/riddle at some point, right?). Also, not sure what a magic item does? These gloves should give you the equivalent of a free identify: how was the item created, how it was used, what is the command word to activate it, and so forth. Plenty of “social engineering” possibilities, too… pick apart the weaknesses of any important NPCs or BBEGs from whatever objects they leave behind. Return lost items to their owners (for a small — or perhaps not too small — “finder’s fee”, of course). In only a few minutes, identify forged documents, fake art/gems/jewelry, cursed magic items, or trapped objects. The possibilities are endless.


Branch across the road hooked up to crossbows
Bamboo stick with holes in it. Presto to create a small gust of wind. Funnel into tube that has ash in it.
Open a lock or disable a trap by pouring water inside and freezing it, causing the water to expand and disabling the lock/trap
Pine sap has latent explosive properties. If you have evergreens nearby, there’s bound to be pine cones
Tanglefoot spread on a distraction. Guards inspecting it are stuck.
Spread Flour in air. lite to explode, or pursuing guards in dungeon lite with torch
Grappling hook as zip line
Ignite some Explosives in trap/lock to destroy
Shaved flimsy tree = catapult
Bamboo sticks are hollow and non-pourous, perfect for holding gas. Swamps naturally emit the lighter-than-air methane.
Use a smoke stick as a tracer
Flour/ash + Gust of wind from Presto = blind
Candle + String + Explosive = time bomb, Be creative.
Detect secret door by tapping, listening for hollow sound. Candle/flour to search for breeze
Use perfume to saturate followers’ scent
Lead lined cloak for anti-detection
Use Shoe as grappling hook
Avoid electric floor with wooden chair
Run with socks instead of shoes. Should give a +1 circumstance bonus.

Cantrips useful to MacGyverisms

Electric Jolt(MoF): 1d3 electrical damage.
Complementary things: wire, explosives, distractions
Ray of Frost(PH): deal 1d3 cold damage
Complementary things: Water => ice = expand(crack rocks, break trap/lock), Rope => brittle
Ghost Sound(PH): Good old distraction
Complementary things: Dummy, scream + ash for a bonus on bluff
Mage Hand(PH): up to 5 lbs @ 15’/move action
Complementary things: Dummy, Too many
Open/Close(PH): Distraction
Complementary things: Glyph seal
Stick(Und p61): up to 5 lb object sticks to larger object. Easy to pull off
Complementary things: Too many
Prestidigitation(PH): Slowely lift 1 pound. Color, clean, soil, chill, warm, flavor things. Create crude fragile objects
Complementary things: Soil Traps,
Create Water(PH): create 2 gallons/level of pure water
Complementary things: Alchemist’s fire
launch item:ignore range penalty for fine item(potion)
Complementary things: Alchemical thrown objects, distractions

Best of purchased animals

If the animal has a price you can buy it, granted the DM is crazy and allows this sort of cheese.
If it doesn’t have a price but yet is an animal you may be able to get a warbeast version of it.
Warbeast (MM2 p. 217)
It grants a plus 3 to Str and Con and a plus 2 to Wis. You also gain another HD, plus 10 to movement speed, plus 2 to ride checks, and proficiency in light, medium, and heavy armor.

Magebred (EbCS p. 295)
A template from Eberron. It gives an animal a plus two increase to natural armor. The animal also gets a plus four to one physical stat (str, dex, or con) and plus two to the others. Int, if not two, is increased to two. You also have a plus two bonus when commanding a magebred animal and the animal takes a week less to learn a trick (minimum one week). You also gain your choice of one special quality (movement plus 10, plus two to natural armor, or plus four to survival checks for tracking purposes) and one feat (must be Alertness, Athletics, Endurance, Improved Natural Attack, or Multiattack). Applying the magebred template doubles the animal’s cost.

The formula is 50 gp per HD for an animal 3HD or lower or 100 gp plus 75 gp per HD for an animal that has more then 3 HD. Note that you most also pay 75 gp for the HD gained by war training a beas

A Fleshraker costs 475 gp. A Tyrannosaurus Rex costs 1,525 gp.

Tyrannosaurus (MM p. 61)
Has a grapple check of 30 and the rare swallow whole ability, not bad for something that is just one CR more than the dire bear (grapple 23). It is a huge animal however, so you won’t be able to take it into most dungeons. It also only has one attack, so opponents with close quarters fighting are going to ruin your day. It only has a str of 28, but it does get 1.5 str bonus for having one attack. AC is a low 14, but it has 18 HD, so it should be durable. I am kinda disappointed by how poor the stats of the legendary T-Rex are.

Fleshraker MM3 (p.40)
The first pouncer (CR 2), the fleshraker gets five attacks on a charge as well as a free trip, then grapple, then pin attempt. It can not be countered if it fails its trip attempt. Also has poison. An incredible form for its CR. Only 17 str though.

Dire Eagle (RoS p. 185)
Five HD and three attacks with a 60 foot flight speed (average). CR3, but it appears as a option for an animal companion at druid level 4. It costs 4 grand for a young one in races of stone, but a wartrained one will only cost 550 gp. Good luck getting your DM to allow that.

Dire Bat (MM p 62)
Probably your best choice if the Dire Eagle is not available. It has a better AC but only has one attack. Also has blindsense. Fly speed is 40 ft (good).


Level 1-3

Backpack or Mule or Party tank?
Is your DM likely to attack/loot your mule?
Are you going places where a 2 square creature can’t feasibly go?

Backpack gotchas
Backpack means you must calculate your weight limit and add up all your items’ weight and stay within those limits.
Go for a collapsible Grappling hook(3 gp, 2 lbs) instead of the PHB grappling hook(1 gp, 4 lbs)
Go for a Silk Rope(10 gp, 5 lbs) instead of the PHB Hemp Rope(1 gp, 10 lbs), or Twine(.1 gp, 0 lbs(need to check))

Mule gotchas
His light load is 0-230, so you can load him up with a ton of stuff
Keep in mind he only has 22 hp. While he can do an attack of opportunity against thieves, they might just not care. He can run away, but might get cornered, or frightened away and there goes all your wonderful equipment.

Party Tank gotchas
He might get grumpy

Level 4-6

Here you can buy a Heward’s Handy Haversack and I definitely recommend it. Having that much stuff only a move action away is almost as good as a wizard simply thinking something and being able to cast it. Only you don’t have to prepare equipment at the beginning of the day.

If you’re LE, LN, or NE then get an Enveloping Pit with a big ladder. It’s a portable hole for a fraction of the price. Don’t put your scrolls in here, as you might need them so they should go in something that’s more easily accessible.

Level 7+

Now are the days of casters. If you’re one that has full access to your spells then you don’t really need to worry about getting your stuff, for you have it in your brain. You just think and combat’s over. For others that rely on wands, and can afford them, whipping out the right wand/scroll is of utmost importance. Thus having as many wands at your fingertips is the focus here. Even if you’re a wizard, being able to diversify your spell selection by purchasing some wands of spells that are already on your spell list frees you up from having to memorize it thus you can do what you do best, versatility.

Potion Belt, Masterworked 60 Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting p. 97
This extremly well-made potion belt holds ten potions. Retrieving a potion from a potion belt is a free action once per round.

Wand Chamber 150 DungeonScape
Always have a wand readied with a weapon that also gives you a benefit.

Wand Bracer 300 Dungeonscape
Five wands that you can access at any given time at the expense of a swift action. Very very potent if you fill it with situational-but-powerful “Batman-esque” wands. I tend to fill mine with armor lock, cure light wounds, entice gift, grease, and either benign transposition or flame blade.

Prepared Spells(Wand/Scroll)

Swift Action

Glyph Seal
Wand chamber
Spell Storing arrow
Glove of the Master Strategist
Wand Bracers

Move Action

Hewards handy haversack
Scroll organizer

I have a +Y bonus to Craft(X). What can I do with it now?


DC – Items
11 – Dastana, Buckler, Light sheild
12 – Heavy Shield
10+Armor bonus = DC…so if you can think of a piece of armor. What is it’s bonus. Does your craft bonus equal or exceed it? Yes? Then you’re good. No, try again.
16 – Blanded mail(+6 AC, +1 dex) only costs 83 gp crafted
20 – Mountain Plate(+10 AC, +0 dex)(RoS p158) for only 1083 gp crafted


DC – Items
12 – Simple Melee or Thrown
15 – Martial Melee or Thrown, Crossbow
18 – Exotic Melee or Thrown


DC – Items
10 – Candle, Insectbane
12 – Slumber Sand
15 – Bitterleaf Oil,ScentBreaker,Acid ,Blackeye,Daystrider Capsule,Deep Draught
20 – Forger’s Paper, Eggshell Grenade, Dust, Hearthfire, Alchemical Flare Stake, Ironhorn Extract, Frostfire, Atramen Oil, Fast Torch, Liquid Smoke, Alchemist’s fire , Vermin Ointment, Panther Tears, Antitoxin , Stonebreaker Acid, Smokestick, Endurance Elixir, Blend Cream, Suregrip, Sunshade lotion, Keepcool Salve
25 – Acidic Fire, Alchemical Sun Flash, Tanglefoot Bag, Shapesand (jug), LockSlick , Tarmak War Paint, Alchemical Sleep Gas, Firestone, Blasting Pellets, Focusing Candle , Blister Oil, Quickspark, Liquid Ice, Screaming Flask, Ipecac, Auran Mask, Liquid Embers, Slippery Oil, Razor Ice Powder, Healing Salve, Ghost Oil, Trollbane, ArmorBright, Explosive Pack, Darkeye, Noxious Smokestick
30 – Liquid Sunlight, Quicksilver
35 – Ghostblight

Craft(Poisonmaking) Raw material cost is 1/6th not 1/3rd

See the Poisoner’s Handbook

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