Bunko’s Bargain Basement


“Yessir, step right up, ladies and gentlemen! Cedric P. Bunko, at your service…and welcome to Bunko’s Bargain Basement! The old storefront was getting a little rickety, but we’re still open for business!

“What, you may ask, is a Bunko’s Bargain Basement? Why, only the finest clearinghouse for magical bargains in seventeen dimensions!

“You see, my friends, every adventurer worth his or her iron rations knows that the right tools make all the
difference between life and death. But the problem is, adventurers are a busy lot, and they don’t always have time to shop around for bargains…and, strictly between you and me, friends, there are a lot of overpriced magical gadgets out there, and people willing to sell them for far more than they’re worth.

“Not so here at Bunko’s! Here, we stock only the items which really give you bang for the buck…either those items that are dirt cheap but effective, or the items that may cost a bit more but give you more than you pay for! Satisfaction is guaranteed at Bunko’s!

“For your shopping convenience, items are organized in departments. Of course, we’re always on the lookout for new merchandise…if you have a suggestion for an item we should stock, please feel free to offer it up!

“And now, without further ado, on to the departments…

First Floor: Necklaces, Collars, and Amulets

“Let’s face it, adventurers…you can’t afford to overlook your neck. After all, you risk it on a daily basis! What you need is a little neckwear, and I’m not talking about that ugly tie the Baron got you for your birthday! The necklaces, amulets, and collars at Bunko’s are just what you need to keep neck, body, and head attached!”

Amulet of Second Chances (MiC 70, 40,000 gp) Allows the wearer to “rewind” to the beginning of a round and choose a different course of action once per day. 40,000 gp is fairly expensive, but considering that we’re talking about reversing time, it’s a steal.

Amulet of Tears (MiC 70, 2,300 gp) Capable of providing up to 36 temporary hit points per day. How much is “Not dead” worth? A lot more than 2,300 gp.

Antimagic Torc (Und 73, 25,000 gp) Does pretty much what it sounds like. Casts AMF at 11th CL once per day. Great for fighters.

Catseye Brooch (Races of Faerun 172, 9,000 gp): +1 luck bonus to all saves and resistance to disease. Luck bonuses are few and far between, and this is a fairly cheap one.

Collar of Umbral Metamorphosis (ToM, 10,800 gp) gain the Dark Creature template for 10 min a day; +8 hide, +6 move silently, +10 ft move speed, cold resistance 10, superior low light vision and darkvision 60 ft.

Deathglance Locket (Dragon Compendium 134, 3,860gp) If you are being scryed on, you can hit the pesky voyeur for 10d6 damage 1/day

Hand of Glory (DMG 258, 8,000 gp) In addition to casting Daylight and See Invisibility, allows the wearer to wear and benefit from an extra ring. How often can you buy an Epic feat for 8,000 gp?

Hand of the Mage (DMG 258, 900gp) Unlimited Mage Hand for 900 gp–not bad at all.

Phylactery of Change (Arms and Equip, 11,200 gp) Allows you to Polymorph Self with unlimited duration. Note that with the many, many changes to Polymorph since 3.0, and the fact that “Polymorph Self” doesn’t actually exist anymore, many DMs will ban this item outright.

Reliquary Holy Symbol (MiC 120, 1000 gp) Provides up to 3 extra turn undead attempts per day. Particularly helpful for fuelling Divine Metamagic in a campaign where the DM doesn’t permit Nightsticks to stack.

Second Floor: Belts and Girdles

“Belts keep you from being caught with your pants down…in more senses than one! A good belt is more than just a place to hang your sword. In fact, it can be hard to choose between all of the excellent bargains magical belts offer! Maybe that’s why Hennet the Sorceror likes to wear three of them…”

Belt of Battle (MiC, 12,000 gp): Provides 3 charges per day which may be spent for extra actions: 1 charge for a move action, 2 for a standard action, 3 for a full action.

Belt of Magnificence (Miniatures Handbook, 25k-200K) +2-+6 to all stats. The 200,000 gp variant is expensive, but less expensive than 6 +6 items…and it only takes up one slot.

Belt of Many Pockets (Complete Arcane, p. 147, 11,000) Provides 64 miniature bags of holding around your waist, each able to store 1 cubic foot of material that weighs up to 10 pounds. It can store your familiar indefinitely, and retrieving objects doesn’t provoke AoOs.

Monk’s Belt (DMG 248, 13000 gp) Wear gains the AC bonus and unarmed attack of a monk of fifth level. Monks treat these bonuses as five levels higher. Belt allows one additional stunning attack per day (must have stunning fist feat to get additional attack).

Third Floor: Capes, Cloaks, and Mantles

“A cloak is the single most useful item in the multiverse, next to a towel. You can sleep under it, you can use it for shade, you can weight the hem and use it as a weapon…and, let’s be honest, a nicely-tailored cloak just looks good!”

Cloak of Elemental Protection (Minatures Handbook, MiC 87, 1,000 gp) Resist energy 10 as an immediate action.

Mantle of Second Chances (MiC 115, 12,000 gp) 1/day reroll of any die roll you have made.

Cloak of Weaponry (MiC, 2,300 gp) Store 25 lbs of nonliving material that can fit under a cloak. Will not rupture if sharp objects are placed within.

Starmantle Cloak (BoED, 132,000 gp) Protects from non-magical weapons and provides a DC 15 reflex save vs attacks made by magic weapons

Fourth Floor: Hats, Headbands, and Helmets

“We all know adventurers who never seem to use their head as anything but a hatrack. That being the case, they might as well at least have a nice hat to put on it! The bargains here will not only hide how pointy Grog the Barbarian’s head is–they just might keep him alive when he has one of his “moments!””

Admirals Bicorne (Stormwrack, 51,000 gp) +5 unnamed bonus to Charisma rolls, +5 leadership, +5 Profession (sailor), +2 morale bonus to attacks, saves and skill checks, amplify your voice 100’.

Circlet of Mages (MiC86, 5,000 gp) Allows the caster to retain up to 3 levels of spells per day. As powerful as a level 3 Pearl of Power, more versatile, and with a +2 Concentration bonus, all for slightly more than half the price.

Hat of Anonymity (MiC 109, 12,500 gp) Gives continuous non-detection and +5 to Hide checks.

Hat of Disguise (DMG 258, 1.8k) Continuous Disguise Self spell.

Headband of Conscious Effort (MIC 109, 2000gp) Make a Concentration check in place of a Fortitude save once per day. For an arcane caster, it’s pretty much an auto-success on a Fort save once per day, and that’s more than worth the price.

Psicrown of Astral Legion (ExP, 47,250 gp) 9th level Astral Constructs at ML 18

Fifth Floor: Goggles, Masks, and Blindfolds

“I know some adventurers who dislike the idea of wearing goggles. “They’ll make me look like an idiot, Bunko!” they tell me. “Paladins don’t wear glasses, Bunko,” they say. Hogwash! The field of battle is not a fashion show. So what if your enemies laugh? Pick the right pair of goggles, and you’ll be the one laughing last!”

Artificer’s Monocle (MIC, pg 72, 1500gp): Use artificer knowledges to read magical item auras, but the real bargain is if you can cast detect magic and have 5 ranks of Knowledge: Arcana, you can spend one minute to study an item and get the description as if you cast Identify, unlimited uses.

Blindfold of True Darkness (MiC 75, 9,000gp) 30’ blindsight and immunity to gaze attacks

Eyes of the Eagle (2,500gp) +5 spot

Goggles of Minute Seeing (1,250gp) +5 search

Horizon Goggles (Complete Mage 133, 8,000gp) Grant the benefits of the Far Shot feat, which is nice. Also increase the range of spells that require a ranged attack roll by 50%, which is even nicer.

Mask of Lies (MiC 115, 4,500gp) Provides continuous Undetectable Alignment, a +5 to Bluff checks, and the ability to use Disguise Self three times per day.

Monocle of Perusal (MiC 117, 6,500gp) Identify 1/day and gives +5 to appraise

Raptor’s Mask (MiC 210, 3500gp) +5 unnamed bonus to spot, plus immunity to being blinded and dazzled.

Sundark Goggles (Races of the Dragon, 10gp) immunity to light blindness, -1 spot, +2 against gazes

Sixth Floor: Boots, Shoes, and Sandals

“We’ve all heard the phrase “Die with your boots on.” I think that’s needlessly fatalistic. Pick the right set of boots, and you can make the other guy die instead.”

Boots of Agile Leaping (MiC, 76, 600 gp) These boots allow the wearer to use his Agility modifier instead of his Strength modifier on Jump checks. If the wearer has 5 or more ranks in Balance, he can stand from prone as a swift action that doesn’t provoke attacks of opportunity.

Boots of Big Stepping (MiC, 76, 6,000 gp) Greater Teleport with a 60′ range three times per day, as well as a +2 caster level for Teleport spells. A fine deal for the wizard who wants some insurance against being grappled.

Boots of Temporal Acceleration (MiC, 79, 43,000 gp) Effectively creates a two-round Time Stop once per day.

Riding Boots (MiC, 121, 12,000gp) Provide a +5 bonus to Ride checks and the Ride-By Attack feat. Those with Spirited Charge deal X4 damage on a critical hit with a lance charge.

Steadfast Boots (MiC, 1400 gp) +4 bonus to avoid bull rush, trip, or overrun attacks. Any two-handed weapon you carry is treated as if readied against any creature that charges you.

Seventh Floor: Gloves, Gauntlets, and Bracers

“Dungeons are nasty places. There are things down there that nobody in their right mind would want to touch with bare skin! You’re going to need a good pair of gloves…and as long as you’re going to need gloves anyway, they might as well be high-quality, affordable magical gloves from Bunko’s!”

Bracers of the Hunter (Secrets of Xen’drik, 8,500 gp) +5 competence bonus on Hide checks, +2 competence bonus on initiative checks and +1d6 damage to sneak attack or sudden strike.

Gauntlets of War (CC 139, 4,000 gp) +1 damage to melee attacks, +3 if you worship a deity with access to the War domain. +1 damage for 4,000 gp is so-so; +3 is fantastic.

Gloves of Endless Javelins (MiC 194, 7,000 gp) Most thrown-weapon experts get powerfully sick of carting around a wagonload of ammunition. These gloves allow a javelineer (javeliner? javelinist?) to generate an unlimited quantity of ammunition, which is good. The ammunition generated is +1, which is better, and made of pure force, which is just plain nifty if you need to pincushion a spectre.

Gloves of the Master Strategist (Ghostwalk, 3,600 gp) True Strike 1/day and functions like gloves of storing

Glove of Storing (DMG 257, 10,000 gp) A handy way to conceal that lance or magic staff until you need it.

Gloves of Taarnahm the Vigilant (PGtF, 10,000 gp) Gives any weapon you are holding throwing and returning weapon qualities.

Eighth Floor: Weapons and Pointy Things

“What’s to be said? The pointy end goes into the other guy, and the bigger, the better…right? Hard as it may be to believe, the truth is that many adventurers don’t pay enough attention to their weapons. Sure, they might have a nice main weapon, but they don’t consider the value of backup weapons…say, when your main weapon is a greatsword and your opponent ignores edged weapons entirely! On top of that, there are some very useful weapon enchantments that will benefit a smart adventurer even if he never actually draws that weapon. Naturally, Bunko’s is the place to find them.”

Blurstrike (RotW, p170, +2 enchancement) Treats your opponent as flat-footed for the first attack each round for up to 10 rounds per day.

Bow of the Wintermoon (CD, p93, 36,300 gp) +4 frost composite Drow bane longbow. Adjusts pull to the owners str. Only usable by worshippers of Corellon Larethian.

Eager (MiC 34, +1 Bonus) Gives you a +2 typeless initiative bonus when you’re wielding it, as well as a +2 damage bonus during the surprise round and first round of combat. (You can also draw it as a free action.)

Furious (OA 125, +2 Bonus) – Increases stat bonuses while raging.

Holy (DMG 225, +2 enchantment) Given the large number of evil opponents faced by the typical adventurer, Holy is exceptionally useful for the price.

Holy Surge (MiC, +1 bonus) Provides an extra 3d6 holy damage against evil creatures. This ability functions (1+Cha mod) times per day.

Initiative (Oriental Adventures, 10,000 gp) +2 luck bonus on Initiative

Luck Blade (DMG 227, 22,060 gp) Far too many adventurers think of the Luck Blade as a Wish dispenser and overlook the utility of a Luck Blade with zero wishes. It’s s +2 short sword that–for an additional 14,000 gp–gives, not only a +1 luck bonus to saves, but lets you reroll ANY one roll you have just made, once per day…which is almost priceless.

Magebane (CAr 143, +1 Bonus) – When wielded against a spellcaster or invocation user, +2 extra enhancement and +2d6 dmg.

Parrying (Expanded Psionics HB, 8,000 gp) +1 insight bonus to AC and ALL saving throws

Rod of Defiance (MiC, pg 56, 7,312 gp) A +1 heavy mace that causes undead to be treated as if they had four fewer Hit Dice for purposes of turning. Bunko’s gets bulk orders on this from the Church of Pelor!

Smoking Weapon (LoD, pg 180, +1 enchantment), real concealment that doesn’t affect the users vision and a localized stinking cloud to discourage grappling.

Spell Storing (+1 enchantment) Magical Hypodermics: 50 tiny arrows +1 of storing can hold buffs or healing spells of third level or below. 160gp per arrow.

Souldrinking (BoVD 112, +4 Bonus) Weapon bestows a negative level when it does damage. Extra goodies when you critical hit.

Splitting (CoR, pg 42, +3 enchantment) Doubles your number of attacks;if you make one attack, you get to make a second at your highest bonus.

Sudden Stunning Weapon (DMGII, pg 261, 2000 gp) Reflex save or be stunned. DC and uses per day are based on charisma

Sun Sword (Expedition to Castle Ravenloft, 3000 gp) The no-frills version of this weapon is a +1 bastard sword that can be wielded as a short sword, making it an excellent and affordable off-hand weapon.

Targath (Ebberon CS, p127) arrow gives you a +2 resistance bonus to fort saves against disease for a measely three gp.

Warning (MiC, pg 46, +1 bonus) +5 insight bonus to initiative when holding the weapon in question. He who strikes first, strikes last if he strikes hard enough in the first place.

Ninth Floor: Armor and Shields

“Skin is soft. Weapons are sharp. This is bad. Armor is tough. This is good.”

Armor of Mobility (Draconomicon, 16,160gp) Grants the Mobility feat.

Twilight (Book of Exalted Deeds, PHB2 21, +1 bonus) Combined with a Mithril Chain Shirt, results in armor that virtually anyone can wear: No ASF, no skill check penalty, no movement penalty.

Soulfire (BoED 112, +4 Bonus) Immune to death spells, magical death effects, energy drain, and any negative energy effects. Expensive, but the protection is priceless.

Tenth Floor: Rings and Things

Rings are where the real power is. Just ask that halfling fella who was in the other day. Had a Ring of Invisibility he wanted to sell, but he kept looking over his shoulder like someone was following him. Cedric P. Bunko does not buy stolen goods! I told him to take his ring and go throw it in a volcano or something.”

Fanged Ring (Dragon Magic 101, 10,000 gp) Improved Unarmed Strike and Improved Natural Attack (unarmed strike) for 10,000 gold pieces would make this a great bargain for a monk or unarmed swordsage. That PLUS a point of Con damage on a critical hit just makes this ring amazing.

Flesh Ring of Scorn (MiC 100, 8,000 gp) 3 charges per day. Automatically confirms a critical threat against an opponent, but also deals damage to the wearer.

Ring of Arming (MiC 122, 5,000 gp) Costs half as much as a Glove of Storing. The glove allows you to store one weapon; the ring allows you to store all your weapons AND armor. You do the math.

Ring of Counterspells (DMG 230, 4,000 gp) Almost a must-have for those who rely heavily on buff spells. Automatically counters a preselected spell of 1st-6th level (usually Greater Dispel.)

Ring of Freedom of Movement (DMG 232, 40,000 gp) Gives continuous protection from paralysis, Solid Fog, Slow, and Web to name but a few effects. It also makes you immune to grappling, which can be the difference between life and death for a spellcaster.

Ring of Greater Counterspells (MiC 124, 16,000gp) Less effective than the original version, but still gives you the opportunity to immediately attempt to counter a spell you truly do not want to go off–like, say, Mordenkainen’s Disjunction.

Ring of Mighty Summons (Complete Mage 127, 14,000 gp) Max HP on summoned creatures, but reduced duration.

Ring of Nine Lives (MIC 126, 45,000 gp) Any item that allows you to automatically make a saving throw, regardless of DC, is worth having.

Ring of Sustenance 233(DMG, 2,500 gp) No need for food or drink is nice, but the real payoff is only needing two hours of sleep per day. That’s six less hours of potential ambush time and six more hours of adventuring.

Ring of the Beast (CC 141, 8,000 gp) Your Summon Nature’s Ally spells count as the next highest level SNA, assuming you can cast a spell of that level. Cast SNA, use a spell slot one level lower.

Spellguard Rings (Complete Mage 127, 4,000 gp for 2) Caster wears one and ally the other. Ally is immune to caster’s spell 3/day. The possibilities are almost endless.

Eleventh Floor: Wands, Staves, and Rods

“Why should wizards and clerics have all the fun? Wands and a little practice with using magic devices can give any adventurer some much-needed spellpower. Today’s Special: 20% off on a case of a dozen Wands of Cure Light Wounds…”

Eternal Wand (MIC 159, 460-10,900gp) – Lets you use a 0-3rd lvl spell twice a day. Eternal Wands cost a little more than a normal wand, and don’t let you burn through huge numbers of charges per day, but they’re wonderful for all-day buffs you plan to cast every day.

Lesser Rod of Metamagic-Extend (DMG 236, 3,000 gp) Inexpensive and consistently useful. There are any number of low-level buff spells that benefit from being Extended.

Metamagic Wandgrip (Complete Mage 133, 6,000 gp) Allows the wearer to apply metamagic to a wand spell three times per day, at the cost of extra charges.

Rod of Magical Precision (Complete Mage 128, 12,000 gp) Negates the penalty for firing a spell into melee. Three times per day, allows caster to ignore miss chance granted by concealment or total concealment.

Rod of Many Wands (Complete Mage 128, 27,000 gp) Allows the firing of up to three wands simultaneously as a full round action, at the cost of extra charges.

Rod of Ropes (Complete Scoundrel 116, 4,000 gp) It’s a highly-compact source of up to 600 feet of rope. It’s a grapple gun. It’s a fishing line capable of reeling in something weighing up to a thousand pounds. It’s a ranged weapon that can bull rush opponents. What’s not to like?

Wand of Cure Light Wounds (DMG 246, 750gp) Highly efficient gp-to-hp healing ratio.

Wand of Flame Blade (PH 231 for spell, 4,500gp) Flaming Scimitar in your hands uses melee touch attacks when you attack. The poor man’s lightsaber.

Wand of Lesser Vigor (SC 229 for spell, 750gp) One of the most efficient gp-to-hp healing devices available.

Basement: Miscellany

“Watch your step, please…it’s a little cluttered down here. I really need to get my shop goblins to give this place a good cleaning. If you’re looking for…well, stuff…this is the place. Magic items come in all shapes and sizes, and most of them can be found down here…somewhere…if you’re willing to dig deep enough!”

Anklet of Translocation (MiC 71, 1,400 gp) Allows two 10′ teleports per day. Excellent for breaking grapples.

Badge of Valor (MiC 208, 1,400 gp) Allows a bard to increase the bonus granted by his Inspire Courage ability 3 times per day.

Bead of Force (DMG 248, 3,000 gp) 5d6 damage plus Otiluke’s Resilient Sphere.

Boccob’s Blessed Book (DMG 249, 12,500 gp) Contains 1,000 pages. Does not require the user to spend the usual 25gp per page materials costs. You pay 12,500gp for 25,000gp worth of spellbook. The portability is a bonus.

Candle of Invocation (DMG 251, 8,400 gp) Somebody seems to have forgotten about the 1,000 XP price tag on the “calling creatures” usage of the Gate spell. Since this item is at CL 17, you can call a 34 HD monster and control it for 17 rounds.

Crystal of Return (least) (MiC 65. 300 gp) Feats are expensive. Effectively buying the Quick Draw feat for 300gp–that’s a bargain. The lesser version is a good buy, too, at 1,000…the ability to call your weapon to hand from up to 30 feet away is worth much more.

Cube of Force (DMG 253, 62,000 gp) Not cheap, but it can protect you against everything. That’s worth the big bucks.

Decanter of Endless Water (DMG 254, 9,000 gp) The Decanter has a thousand uses beyond just providing drinking water. Put out fires with it. Use it as a jet propulsion system for a small boat. Create sophisticated hydraulic technologies using it as a power source. Combine it with Water Walking to produce an instant bridge.

Demolition Crystal, greater (MiC, 6,000 gp) The sneak attacker’s bane is creatures immune to sneak attacks. The Demolition Crystal allows sneak attacks on constructs, gives a damage bonus, and causes the weapon to be treated as adamantite for purposes of overcoming damage reduction.

Dust of Sneezing and Choking (DMG 275, 2,500 gp) The fact that Dust of Sneezing and Choking will stun the opponent even if they make their saving throw makes it deadly–so deadly that it’s likely to be banned in many campaigns. If not, take advantage!

Enveloping Pit (MiC 159, 3,600 gp) If you’re Lawful Neutral, Lawful Evil, or Neutral Evil, this is a Portable Hole–only with more than five times the normal volume, at about a fifth of the normal cost. Just make sure you stick a ladder in so you can get to the bottom easily.

Heward’s Fortifying Bedroll (Complete Mage 132, 3,000 gp) Allows casters to regain spells with only one hour of sleep, rather than the usual 8.

Heward’s Handy Haversack (DMG 259, 2,000 gp) Holds less than a Bag of Holding, but also costs less, and the retrieval function is very valuable.

Ioun Stone, Gray (DMG 260, 25 gp) With continual flame, becomes a hands-free perpetual light source

Ioun Stone, Orange (DMG 260, 30000 gp) +1 caster level

Aspect Mirror (Complete Scoundrel 113, 4000 gp/Mirror) Provides a reliable means of communication between party members. Can also be used as a highly effective “closed circuit” camera system.

Quaal’s Feather Token – Tree (DMG 264, 400gp) If you can’t think of uses for an instant tree, you’re not trying very hard.

Quiver of Ehlonna (DMG 265, 1800 gp) Nice for arrows, nicer for wands and staves. The Artificer’s best friend! It’s not a bad idea to create it in a non-standard form, if permissible, to prevent smart enemies from sundering every quiver they see.

Scabbard of Keen Edges (DMG 266, 16000 gp)

Shirt of Wraith Stalking (MiC 216, 6,000 gp) Hide from Undead at will with no save, even for intelligent undead.

Silent Portal Disk (350gp, Magic of Faerun p165): Any door you put the disk on makes no sound, no creaking when you open it, no cracking if you smash the lock. Your DM will hate your rogue. If you cast “animate object” on the door, you will have the first door ninja ever. You could also whack people with the door and the hit wouldn’t make a noise.

Survival Pouch (Races of the Wild 173, 5,000 gp) Provides you transportation, hauling capability, food, instant campfire and/or torches, shelter, water, rope, shovel, bow & arrows.

Tooth of Savnok (Tome of Magic, 2000 gp) Move at your normal speed even when wearing medium or heavy armor or when carrying a medium or heavy load.

Truedeath Crystal (lesser) (MiC 66, 5,000 gp) Gives the weapon the Ghost Touch ability for much less than it would cost to add the ability to a high-powered weapon. The greater variant, at 10,000 gp, allows sneak attacks on undead–also highly valuable.

Discount Bin: Non-Magical Bargains

“Here’s a little truth that too many high-level adventurers forget: it doesn’t have to be magic to be effective. Keep that in mind, and you’ll have an edge…particularly when someone drops an Anti-Magic Field.”

Doppelganger Bile (CC, 132, 95 gp) Double duration for any spell that grants invisibility or a bonus to Disguise checks. That includes Shapechange.

Eggshell Grenade (OA, 10gp) blind your target (no save) and area around him (DC < 15) Ehlonna's Brooch (CC 134, 350gp) +1 hit point per hit die for summoned animals or monsters. Keepcool Salve (Sandstorm 102, 50 gp) Increases your level of heat protection by one and grants a +1 circumstance bonus to Fort saves against damage from hot environs. Liquid Sunlight (Complete Scoundrel 110, 20 gp) Now, this thing is pretty bad. It's supposed to be thrown or used as a sling bullet against stuff that's vulnerable to light. What it does to said stuff is nowhere near worth mentioning. The easily overlooked first seven words of the entry, however, are. According to these seven words, it gives off light as a torch at all times. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this little trinket is essentially a smaller, lighter Everburning Torch, for 18% of the price. Also, an item that is better when you don't use it. Beautiful. Masterwork Tools (PHB, 50gp) These are frequently overlooked, and they shouldn't be. Buy a book to aid you in a Knowledge skill, or a snappy outfit to aid your Diplomacy check. Nugget of Garl Glittergold (CC 134, 350gp) +1 caster level to illusion spells and Trickery domain spells. What gnome illusionist wouldn't want one of these? Ruby Skull of Wee Jas (CC 134, 350 gp) +1 CL for all necromancy spells, and +1 to the damage roll when rebuking undead. Scholar's Dreams (CC 132, 175gp) A little more expensive than some of the other components, but doubling the duration of your Foresight or Find the Path can be downright handy. Soil of Stone (CC, 132, 60gp) Double the duration of Earth spells for 60 gp. Not bad when you're summoning an Earth Elemental monolith or casting an Earthquake. Stone Socket of Grummsh (CC 134, 350gp) +1 damage per die for War domain spells or spells with the evil descriptor. However, this damage cannot take the spell beyond the normal maximum damage. Note that this one really pays off in conjunction with one of the various feats that add the evil descriptor to spells. Torch Bug Paste(CSc 120, 25gp) A no-save, splash attack, non-magical, non-dispellable faerie fire that lasts for an hour. Trollbane (Dungeonscape, 90gp) Used to coat a weapon. Makes weapon ignore any regeneration for one strike. (Half Black Dragon War Troll, meet flight of Trollbaned arrows. Buh-bye.) Unicorn Horn (CC 133, 190gp) Turn a Heal spell into a Mass Heal with a 30' cone area of effect for 190 GP. Figure out how many party members you can fit into the cone, then figure out how many scrolls of Heal you would have had to buy to get the same effect. Keep in mind that Bunko's maintains the highest ethical standards; all of our horns come from unicorns that died of natural causes. War Cross of St. Cuthbert (CC 135, 350 gp) Increases divine CL by 1 for mind-affecting spells and turning undead.

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