The New Beginning

An adventure into these new worlds with friends of old and new. The old world around me swirls into blocks forming a path into a void. This is how the old world dies. A new one took its place the world of EcoCityCraft filled with only a few people at first and slowly more people begun to appear in this world.
I joined this world but yet a lowly Builder on Jun 21, 2014. However I did ascend threw the ranks quickly to attain my status as Mayor as well as having access to the Nether (The Gate to Hell). Having multiple towns in this multiverse. I have also received many gifts from this bountiful multiverse such as the great and powerful patron has given me the power to have many of these great features of Unlimited Locks, FlyingPlus, Tombstone, MCMMOPlus3, MultiHomePlus2, MCMMOBonusPlus3, PyroPlus, ExtCreationsPlus, Water, ExtCommandsPlus2, Teleport, Back, and Investigator.

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