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Have you ever wanted to earn money by just plain old searching or recommending items from a web shop to people or do a review and then earn revenue by people going to the site and buying or registering. Recently I have discovered a few ways to make this happen which are awesome. Please click on theses links and register so I can get some points these are the best sites I have found to earn some cash and rewards you can also add ads to your site by using google adsense or chikita when you get more of a following.


Searching and buying items.

You can also use bing and earn rewards as you search!

You can also use SwagBucks to earn points and get gift cards and more!
Swag Bucks

Do you also want to have a url shorten-er that also pays well now you can with Adf.ly!

The Amazon Affiliate / Associates gives you the ability to make a referral link directly from amazon itself it is a wonderful tool copy and paste the link and your done!!
Amazon Associates

Ad Revenues:

Chitika is a great way to start to earn some more revenue by doing these targeted ads many people may not like it but it is a money maker.


Google Adsense – Unfortunately I was banned due to I clicked on many of the links it generated way back after all you need to see if your ads are actually working and generating revenue oh well I guess I should give them a link. I learned from my mistake with them so now I really don’t click on any ads anymore on my sites.

In Conclusion

There are also many new and fascinating and great revenue generators out there.  Such as bit coin generators and other forms of revenue making services either for websites or for users.

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