Great Inventions

These items are wonderful and brilliantly designed items and inventions.

A Smart Bag

I have found this bag from Indiegogo its supposedly really great it has many batteries you can also control which battery you can charge and also it alerts you if you leave your bag or someone takes it and is running away from you. It has a wonderful capacity of 42,000 mAh and it weighs 7 lbs. I hope it comes out in October. Here is a link to the site.


A WorldWide Free Internet

I have come accross this wonderful little invention that gives you free internet. It is as small as a lantern. In fact that is its name the Lantern. Another Indiegogo project. It is small and rather light weight it will be coming out on their web store outernet.

An all in one Computer

I have found this all in one computer from Indiegogo as well it is called the Dragonfly Futuref√∂n by idealFuture. This 3 in one computer can become a phablet a Dual Screen computer running 2 OS’s and it even includes a little portable bluetooth device. It is just amazing.

The Smart Desk

This innovation appears to be awesome! It is a desk that tells you exactly what you want to know, and do its a great addition to any office or workplace it is made by autonomous.Smart Desk

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